Comic Book Collection: Superhero Children of Superheroes

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Family lines are a fun (and inescapable -- much like parenting) part of the comics universe. The children of superheroes typically tend to reveal powers themselves, sometimes magnitudes more potent than mom and pops. Others are not quite on par yet still formidable. Like Polaris, daughter of Magneto, breathtakingly rendered here by Steranko and kicking arse in Gifted:


Credit: Gifted, Fox

Look no further than Rachel Summers aka Phoenix — daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey — for a case of progeny taking good genes and running with them. Or destroying everything with them:


Gals can’t have all the fun. None other than Professor X gave us a son with at least 40+ personalities, appropriately named Legion. Sienkiewicz’s brilliant pencils bring him to life below, plus he headlines a hell of a show. Then there’s Nathan Summers aka Cable, another future returnee kid of Scott and Jean, who needs little introduction.


Credit: Legion, FX


Credit: Deadpool 2

That Cable... he’s so hot right now. As strong as the Summers line is, Wolverine ain’t one to back down from a challenge. His rascal Daken and clone X-23 are plenty trouble, too, and renowned for their unparalleled angst/rage levels:


While X-Men-related lineages are prominent in Marvel, nearly every major character has dealt with family issues. I’ll leave you with the prize for worst-ever kids to have. Venom wishes his symbiote would stop breeding psychotic offspring, a la Carnage & company:


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howdy steven, i've resteemed this post 2, cause i hope for more german speaking comic fans and nerds here! They exist, a lot of them are on youtube, but no one of them has found his way here to steemit!

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I appreciate the many resteems so far, my friend!!

  ·  last year (edited)

makes no sence, but :-) many of the resteems are for u, but i'm still hoping for more german speaking comic fans here! have a lot of german comic books to present, but makes no sence when nobody want to see it now! but i'am here for 9 weeks, so the future is mine and ours - nerds and geeks FOREVER:::::!!!

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