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I hope you have checked out @arseniclullaby, a comic artist I have re-steemed and featured in my Follow Friday posts. His subjects may not be to all tastes, but I really enjoy his work. He's been pretty active on Steemit and is bringing in more people from the comics world.

He posted recently about his lastest Comic-Con where he had a special edition of his work on sale. He did a special offer for Steemians with the option to pay in Steem or SBD. I took him up on this even though the postage was a bit expensive. I got this lot in the mail today.


I was pleasently surprised to get two books as well as some badges and a sticker.

It gets better...

On the back he's done a sketch and then he added some more loose sketches inside. How cool is that?


This story has a little twist as the package contained another extra. Somehow Doug (the man behind this comic) managed to slip his Samsung table into the package. That may explain why the postage was more than he expected. It arrived intact and I'll be sending it straight back. The light rectangles are glowing tape to help him find it easily. Hmm, my chair is wearing a bit thin.


Doug is a cool guy, but don't be surprised if he winds you up a bit. I'm sure he's nice really. I know from experience that what seems like a witty remark when you write it can be taken the wrong way. I tend to assume people mean well until they show otherwise.

Doug has not only linked to his Steemit page from his site. He's also writted some blog posts about it. That is bearing fruit. If you see more comics artists and fans around here it may be down to him. Check out @comicspectrum who has the largest comic collection in the world!

I just saw someone else also got a package today.

Support the people doing cool stuff on Steemit.

Steem on!

PS I am voting up some of my own posts to cancel out flags from someone I won't name who is flagging mine at the last minute because I dared to flag his for abusing the system. I'm also voting up other people associated with @steemflagrewards who also got flagged.

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

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(puts dignified look on his face) Like many geniuses, I am often misunderstood.
...well..a genius who accidentally mails his f*cking tablet to another continent. sigh. Glad you like the books and extras! ( I couldn't just send the bare minimum to a fellow steemian now could I?!)


Cheers. We all make mistakes. I look forward to some quality reading time.


This made me lol so much. When you couldn't find the tablet did you realise it had been posted? At least it was sent to steevc, he's one of the good guys.

Look forward to seeing your next blog (applies to both of you!!!)


I realized the next morning...I should have gotten a clue when the cost to ship was more than when I got the estimate, but...I didn't. :/

Doug is a class act and I love that a few folks participated and bought some books from him with Steem!!!

BTW that screen cap is a cover by Basil Wolverton, one of my favorite Illustrators. He's from the Golden age of comics ( 1940's-1950's...ish)

we like comics in the mail all day long. i remember my Archie comics. love them

That is funny that he accidentally sent his tablet. Great that you are going to be able to get it back to him. Looks like he is very talented and what a cool way to reach out to others in the Steemit community by sending stuff in the mail.

Very cool!!! I haven’t bought a comic in years. As a kid we had a trunk full: Shang Chi, Iron Fist, Fantastic 4, Power Man, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, you name it. Now, I could kick myself for letting all that stuff go! 😊

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Well you can read comics here on steemit. I've been enjoying them

Steem mass adoption 😊