Java Jaguar 082

in comics •  20 days ago

Java Vs Dingo Jack! To the death!

Obviously Java has been studying Matt's collection of comics and has been logging into his Netflix account to draw inspiration for how to fight and look immensely cool. The Matrix dodge is pretty obvious even without the label. But most of you probably wouldn't immediately recognize the follow up move. It's from X-Men #167.

That creature Wolverine is about to exterminate is Professor Charles Xavier who has been implanted with a Brood embryo and transformed into an alien queen. In the very next frame Wolverine actually pulls a Java and switches targets at the last instant and slices off her tail stingers instead of killing her.

"Why?" you ask? Well the Brood Queen inherited Professor X's psionic powers so was ready to counter his move. But by changing his target faster than she could read his thoughts he manages to wound her.

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