Small custom paint job on Mysterio!

in #comics3 years ago

My Mysterio needed some sprucing up in my opinion. While the original colors it came in were comic accurate (in some comics) I really like the gold gauntlet/boot look much better.


See how much better that gold looks compared to this bland green? hot damn!


To paint it I just used a gold paint pen. Took apart his hands/legs/feet and started coloring!
It was a pretty simple modification, but I am over the moon pleased with how he turned out.


Man, I'm not even really into comics and I think it just looks better now. The other hands just didn't look very cool.


I like your post.
I can't vote it right now.
If I did that you'd get half of what it's worth,
and you're worth more than that.
Be back later.

Great photos... custom anything is always engaging.

Damn... you need a little shop to customize these guys for ppl, these all have come out so legit.

Delicious and tasty. Love it.

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