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Great post! I think all comic creators share your pain. We just started making our first comic here on steemit and we want to go print at some point. Glad to see you finished your project. Look forward to seeing the book here on Steemit.

The first book is up now and completely "steemified"

Working on putting the 2nd one on Steemit now. Thanks for the comment!

As for you guys, if you do the self-publish, it's easier if you respect the margins and gutters and try to steer away from imagery bleeding off the edge or going across the center. Trying to get the 2nd book approved for printing took so long and so many attempts.

Yeah I def use pretty good size borders around the page and conservative with that aspect just because we have no idea how we want to do it in print, other than the fact that we want to do it in print. If you ever want to chat with other Steemit artists, here is our discord link.

I still need to learn about discord. lol More and more people are saying GET ON DISCORD. I'M OLD AND SET IN MY WAYS! ;-) I'll figure it out. Thanks

Its basically the old AOL chatrooms. Lol

Well shit that sounds simple enough!

i think dtube and steemit are great platform where you don't need to be celebraty and famous can get well reward for your thoughts and creativity.

I would have to agree with you :-)

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That's all very interesting to know thanks!

Beautiful artwork... Keep creating!

Thank you for the kind words :-)

Thank's it's help me

I am glad you found my post helpful!

"Sleep For Those With Dogs" (the first book mentioned in this post) is now up in it's entirety, all in a single post here on Steem for your entertainment!

Coming soon to Steemit: "Rent Money" (book two)

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