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RE: “Read a Damn Book – 143: Godzilla – Rulers of Earth Volume 1”

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hi @richardfyates
it seems right, you are consistent, a review must always be true! And then we know that everything is subjective, isn't it? However I agree with you on everything, I think it is because we become attached to the first series that we see and those that come after, for us, are only bad copies ... for me at least it is so !!
Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us


I agree! The first, the original, is the one we identify with. (The best example I can think of is The Addams Family. I think of the old t.v. show...) Sometimes, however, a new version can be fun. (The films with Angelica Houston and Raoul Julia where different, but they were very fun!)

Anyway, thanks for the comment! Hope you liked the review!!!

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Sure, you're very good! And even more willing to welcome the new! I maybe try, but then I feel bad :-P

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