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RE: “Read a Damn Book – 126: Adventure Time – Marceline and the Scream Queens”

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Here's some ironic humor for you: I discuss in my review of this book that the main character has a hard time dealing with negative criticism, and BAM! The first thing that happens when I post the review is that I get a down vote! I'm not sure WHY I got a down vote because the critic didn't say what they disliked about my review. I didn't use any racially sensitive language or bad words in the text; I think I tagged it properly; and I believe it's a truthful and fair considerstion of the material I was reviewing---so why the negative vote? Did they even read what I wrote, or do they just not like the animated series that the book is based on? Did they think the review was boring or poorly written? It's impossible to say without further information. Regardless, I (like Marceline) am now obsessed with the one negative review instead of paying attention to the positive votes. It's strange how that works...

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I’ve been enjoying your comic related reviews that I’ve stumbled across. I prowl the #comics tag pretty regularly! Certainly nothing wrong here, so try not to read too much into a sporadic downvote!

Thanks for saying so! I never know if I've inadvertently said or done something awful without realizing it!!!

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Well, if you have, we’re in the same boat because I sure didn’t spot it! Maybe some folks take offense at just being told to “read a damn book,” but it needs to be said! 😄

Ha! I didn't think of that, but you may be right!

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