I Hate Fairyland. Get on this Hugger-Puffin’ Bandwagon.

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Welcome Steemians!

Hugger-puffin’ bad language, violence and gore in vibrant colour and a bizarre ‘Munchkinland-meets-Dungeons & Dragons’ adventure, I Hate Fairyland will draw you in with Skottie Young’s art and keep you trapped with his freshly-stropped wit.

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I absolutely love ‘I Hate Fairyland’.

I'm fourteen issues in, and to be honest, it’s a comic I probably didn’t think I’d want to chew on aside from the obvious allure of the beautiful array of colours that adorn the cover of each new issue. Thankfully, the same gorgeous art is found WITHIN the entirety of each issue. Month after month, I return to the magical and enchanting landscape populated with an amalgamation of characters snipped from every nook of pop culture. What makes them memorable however, is Skottie’s ability to transform them to fit perfectly within his own fictional world. This world is one of cigar-smoking guides and talking celestial bodies (Mr. Moon. You got it, right?).

The protagonist and anti-hero of the story is a little girl named Gertrude. Tight, emerald curls sit atop her head giving her the impression of innocence. Look a little closer and you’ll see those gnarly teeth and an unmistaken weapon in her dainty hands. She’s annoyed, see. She’s been promised a quick return back to her world after accidentally wishing open a portal into Fairyland. None of that has gone to plan. To say she’s annoyed is an understatement.

She is furious.

If you are interested in what Skottie Young with Image Comics have created in ‘I Hate Fairyland’, I would implore you to peruse what the internet has on offer. A quick Google search will lead you to easy access to comics online without paying a cent upfront. While viewing this content freely is great for the reader, it does nothing to help the artist and creators of these works. I would definitely suggest reading a few issues online first and BUYING the ones you really enjoyed. After all, there is nothing more of a deterrent to buying the next issue of any given comic if the one you just read happened to be a lemon. Not every Stan Lee issue of Spider-man was a hit and the ability to preview a comic before it was purchased would surely show the true value of those issues.

My go-to website for comic viewing is Read Comic Online.

If you’re looking to support the creators, Comixology is a brilliantly devised comic-viewing platform for digital devices. The latest issue of IHF will cost you USD3.99.

Otherwise, head to your local comic shop. In Wollongong, I try to support comic Café or Kings Comics when I’m in Sydney.

Any thoughts? I’d love to hear what you think of I Hate Fairyland and any comics you’ve recently read that have caught your interest.

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Great write up. This has definitely been on my "must read" list, I may have to move it up in priority!
I was fortunate to meet Skottie a couple times waaaay back in the day. He'd done a cover for an anthology I had some work in so he'd spot it on my table at a convention and swing by to say hello. His career was already starting to take off. He was always a class act and a cool dude. His YouTube videos and social media are great and he deserves all the success that's come his way.
Everyone should definitely support him with a purchase, and hope that we see him on Steem one day!


Hey Bryan,
Wow. Thanks so much for dropping by and for the compliment. That's amazing that you met Skottie!! He's one of my faves right now. Just loving his creativity and style. I didn't realise he has a YouTube account. I'll have to look him up over there.

Thanks again for dropping by and for the UPVOTE. Very much appreciated.



You're very welcome. Here's a quick link to Skottie's YouTube for you and anyone who may want to follow through and have a look! A lot of videos I remember aren't on there... looks like they've been set to private or deleted so it's a bit sparse unfortunately, but it looks like he may be getting back into it as there is a video from just last week!


GREAT. Thanks for linking to it :)


My ex owns the first 13 I Hate Fairylands and the Fuck Fairyland variants I got for her, I think she left the first trade behind somewhere around here (I hope). So so good, Skottie shines in this series, I know I read less than I want to, but man when I was reading this I was hooked and couldn't wait for each new issue. I know the series had started back up, I might recollect all the Fuck Fairylands again if I can. Go read them!


Yes! I have one F**K Fairyland Variant. It just got me hooked seeing such obscene language on a comic that was on the shelf at kid eye level!

Take care.


I think I actually have at least one digital Volume from an Image Humble Bundle, and I'm curious if there's any on ComiXology Unlimited. I need to check!