Phill is on his way back - a work in progress post.

in comics •  7 months ago

After a long break I am working on Phill again. I have had e-mails and people have asked on my other social network Diaspora when page 51 would be there, so here is the first frame that I am working on right now.

A pencil with a naked Gwendolyn among men dressed for the cold winter weather. A bit like Manet's Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe. When you have a difficult position you often have to make a nude first.

Here she is with an elegant winter coat.

And this is as far as I have come with the inking.

That's all for now. Next time you will have the whole page :)

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Take your time. I know it will be worth the wait


Thanks - I really appreciate it.

That is good to hear. Don't get pushed into anything though. Easy does it.


After all the drama in the summer I am very careful - you are right (and I like the sound of it): Easy does it.

Awesome! So happy to have you back. These process snapshots are always a pleasure to watch and I particularly like knowing all about your references.


I take it a bit slow and concentrate on getting the pages done, but I am making good progress.

I love how you manage different expressions and moods, in a way that the coherence is maintained, man.

Thank you for sharing.


I hadn't thought of that (with the expressions), but I agree. They all have different responses to the bad mood of Morty Mogg :)

Yay, and I do the same thing with paintings too, sometimes starting with the nude before I dress them, sometimes bald too before I give them some funny flowing hair :)
I love the curvilinear style and roundness of your strokes.


In this one I actually made the hair before the head, but I do like you often - making a baldy before a hairy.

That is great to see how the drawing is starting with simple sketch and developing into real figures. When you just look at end result it is difficult to imagine that it was a complex process that the artist must go through trying to put the figures in different shape and group so that it tells a story. I have searched for Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe, now I know what you mean, again learned something new today :)

Yay! Great to see it on the way. Interesting to see how you develop the drawing. Do I understand this right, its all digital?


It is digital, yes. Sometimes it is scary how close it is to the real thing if you go by the look, but it is very different to work digitally. I like a real pencil best to be honest :-) But it is fast and you can work in layers.

Like it. Reminds me of Robert Crumbs work.


He was one of my inspirations when I started.

This is really impressive !
Now i wonder , who is Phill ..? :-( What did i miss ?
i am impressed.jpg


You can still catch up. This is my free comic that you can read here: Phill from GCHQ


cool, thank a lot ! :-)

My favorite in drawing its caricature I do not do it well
i Draw plates shot
Simulated paintings of real characters
A beautiful picture in which a sense of humor
You have a wonderful talent
Good luck

Wow!What a drawing it is!
thanks for sharing

Very beautiful. You are really a creative artist. I always like you art sir. Thank you so much for sharing a great post.

vot back ya...