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Good Sunday Afternoon!

Folks, I've mentioned him a few times along the way but have never showcased any of his art. We are talking about Adam Hughes. He's been turning in solid work for years even before he truly hit it big. Most famous for his work with female characters, I first learned about him through his Catwoman covers. There are plenty of earlier hidden gems of his out there, most quite affordable, but we are going to take a look at some of his more standout early to mid 2000s pieces. Again, only what I have personally. There are more than a few pieces I truly wish I had though these can be pretty pricey considering you are just paying for the cover.

I could ramble on and on.........Oh! this reminds me that I really like his signature, you'll see it. AH! Oh! This also reminds me that I want to do a J. Scott Campbell piece sooner rather than later......See, Rambling Man. Here we go....


All black and encased in plastic, shiney! The book not Selena.....

Catwoman Vol. 3 issue 46

I came to these late, in my second and current run of collecting. It's a shame really because when this, 2005, and the future issues of Adam's Catwoman run were coming out I had just started my first run of collecting. How could I have missed these?! They must have just popped sitting on the shelf! Anyways, this is the first issue that really sees a price run up and for good reason, although not my favorite of the bunch.



Hmm, maybe should have saved this for #colorchallenge!

Catwoman Vol. 3 issue 70

Wow, just look at that signature! Just kidding. It is there though and plain as day. Adam often tends to blend it in as part of the background in some of his busier pieces. Sexy sells and while the first book I showcased has it's appeal I think that this is unmistakable. The solid red background really helps the blackline work really stand out as well. Also, Selena is a great subject for Adam. He really just gets it. Super detail and composition and distinctly his.



This AH! is blended into the corner but not really hidden like others......don't think I'll have a good example of it.

Catwoman Vol. 3 issue 74

Everything is fantastic here. This really screams Catwoman. Taking the mirror off the wall, the safe hidden behind. What's truly amazing though is the image of Cat in the mirror and the shadow on the wall that completes it. Outstanding! I might like the red cover just a little bit more for its simplicity but this is just expert execution. Can't find a fault.

That's all I have to show of my Catwoman covers. I do have more of the run, probably half? What I don't have is the grail of the series issue 51. Give it a click and check it out. If you liked these other three you won't be disappointed. And just like that it goes to the top of my impulse buy list of books.......Next!



Straight Chillin

JSA Classified issue 1

This beauty is a variant, the Cats were not. It is again another masterful execution by Hughes. Maybe even more so as Power Girls white costume accentuates Adam's heavy line work perfectly, where as Selena's blacks do not. I think here is a good time to point out that I often do not hear enough about his gift of perspective. It really is on full display here, this is often a critique I hear about other artists, including the other I mentioned at the beginning of this article. Not to say there aren't some stinkers out there but I think he is in the top tier along with Alex Ross. He has a couple of other Powergirl covers out there but they are more mid to low level on my list to get. Still good though!

I don't read a lot of DC outside of Batstuff so I don't know much about Powergirl.....Alternate version of Supergirl I believe. Just bought it for the artistry!

Queue Guitar Shredding Intro!


Gravity defying.....rope!

Wonder Woman Vol. 2 issue 154

Adam had a similar run to his Catwoman bit on early 2000s Wonder Woman. Some of the covers are pretty good. This one is great! Again the white cover and softer colors allow the man to accentuate his work perfectly. This is truly the best of the run and I do have, again, probably half of it or so. It bears some resemblance to the ultra hit, ultra popular, ultra expensive variant cover to Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes. Did you click the variant link? Did you get sticker shock? Well, at least it looks like there are Italian and Spanish editions for affordable prices.

I would have thought the movie would have driven the price here a bit more.......I would have been wrong again. Speculate for fun, friends, not for profit!

And so ends this edition of whatever it is I'm doing. I truly hope you enjoyed it and if you have any favorite Adam Hughes work drop me a line in the comments. I'm always looking for something to grab!

PS He's got some great Batgirl stuff as well............

Thanks again for your time and attention!



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Hughes is awesome and a class act. I hope he will do another exclusive for us at some point in time in the future.


It still baffles me that the WW book is so cheap. NewKadia is sold out of all but three issues of the 227 issue volume. Hughes or no. I "guess" that's movie driven? Seems like these semi classics would have seen a kick but the Bay doesn't really show as such.

So you clearly have a store.....and you get exclusives? Do you have a website I can peruse?


Which WW book is cheap? Honestly most of his WW run isn’t that expensive. The Catwoman’s definitely have more expensive issues.

Yeah my shop is called Conquest Comics. We are located in NJ. We have a site but not a bunch is currently up there. Www.conquestcomics.com

If ya ever need any issues of anything, just lmk!!!


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10/10 Post!

That Catwoman art alone makes me want to seek out those issues! This reminds me of your "Female Firsts" post from awhile ago. I sense a series coming? :)


Maybe? I imagine that the J. Scott Campbell article in a day or so will be lady heavy as well! Marvel Mistresses?!