Considering How To Bring Comics Reviews to Steem

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In my short time here on Steem, I must admit that so far I have been sorely disappointed by the corpus of #comics content.

This both from a perspective of a comics reader and as somebody who likes to share what they discovered. And, of course, as a comics fan always on the look out for new series to discover and explore.

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Comics reviews is something I have always wanted to do, and previously even dabbled in for a brief period, but never did I find the right angle. By right angle I mean that comics are both expensive and there's just too darn many of them. Both elements making it rather impossible to do on an actual regular basis, without accepting review issues which come with their own ethical issues I would rather not have to navigate.

Besides, while there's ample sites doing such already, who wants to read tens of review about the newest issues week after week?

Who wants to rush out as soon as possible, or hop over to Comixology, each Wednesday mostly to speed-read the comics as fast as possible in order to quickly hash out a review?

Reviews of reads not longer than 20 minutes usually.

Over the years it's been a struggle for me to find how to tackle the problem and how to enter the niche and review comics.

I know that weekly reviews against the clock and sites with larger editorial teams and accepting pre-release review issues is NOT my playground. Now what is the question.


So, let's try something different and instead focus on comics which have finished a complete story arc/chapter already. When possible even already have the chapter/arc available as a collected editions. Majority focus also to be given to creator-owned projects rather than publications by the two big houses.

Some of the comics which I will review, or rather tease with/introduce to you may be known by the hardcore comics audience, some may be lesser known. Some recent, others slightly older.

As everything on Steem, this is an experiment and an ongoing one.

Please let me know in the comments if you share the same struggles with most comics news/reviews aspects and if you have ideas how we could present comics instead, please also share.

Because aside from more Steemian created comics, Steem surely can do with more writing about comics too. Writing rather than quickly for ad bucks hashed out reviews.


Follow the reviews, check out the #fknmayhem-comics tag. Use this link for the most recent reviews.


I would like to see reviews on Steemit comics. I actually haven't come across any of those. (followed)

Hi @tritium,

Thanks for the visit, comment, and follow.

Stay tuned as I have my first draft ready but will most likely publish it in some hours only. Let the Americans wake first. :)

I have seen some reviews but I haven't really found any niche or any consistent efforts. AFAIK there's no curation around it either (yet).

Nice post.

Wow, that's great!

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I hope you check my last post!

Oh wow, This is a stunning concept.... anticipation sets it :D