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The sign on his shirt looks a lot like that of Shazam.

First time I’ve ever heard of this character.

Definitely looks like it would be an off beat comic.


The background and publishing history of Mage is cool, I never got into it, but it's one of Matt Wagner's, Wikipedia has it summed up perfect:

"allegorical autobiography" in which the hero, Kevin Matchstick, is a stand-in for the author, and "[a]ll the other characters he encounters and situations he endures are metaphors from my own life... told through the lens of a fantasy adventure"

Volume one, The Hero Discovered, was published by Comico from February 1984 to December 1986. Despite advertisements saying that a sequel was "coming soon", The Hero Defined did not appear until 1997, published by Image Comics (Comico had gone bankrupt in 1990, and it had taken some time for Wagner to regain the rights to the series). The third and final volume, The Hero Denied, began publication with an introductory "zero issue" in July 2017, with the first issue proper following in August.