Inking Into Madness! Yet Another Ithaqa Work In Progress Update...

in comics •  8 months ago


It’s been a while since the last look at my Ithaqa pin up piece, because truthfully, I’ve been slacking! At this point I’m bouncing back & forth between pencil and ink and creeping closer towards the finish.

If you haven’t been following along, this piece is being done to help with the Fundition crowdfunding campaign for the comic book “Ithaqa,” created by @drwatson.

This hand drawn piece, 11” x 17” on Bristol board, can be yours for your support of the project. So please, check it out at!/@drwatson/t2b3d2ijh or by visiting @drwatson on any Steem based site!

As with the previous posts I’ve made regarding this fun foray into the world of Ithaqa, the “liquid” non Steem Power rewards from this post will be donated to the campaign.

Have a sane day!


Hmm, looks like I accidentally cropped the ratty goodness in SteepShot, so let’s just give a bigger look here!


Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot IPFS IOS Android Web
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Those rats are gnarly but in the best way possible!


Glad to hear it! You may be able to tell from some of my preliminary pencil squiggles, but they'll be getting a bit "thready" by time I'm done.

love your inking <3 very nice and expressive ! the faces of the ladies communicate so much and those rats are very effective at adding gnarliness into the picture's feels * ___ *


Thank you! It's been nerve wracking as it's my first work in actual ink in a while. I've been in the digital realm for some time...

Dude that looks awesome!! How long have you been working on this? You got some talent my friend.


Thanks man! I’ve been working on & off on this for the last 2-3 weeks. Not sure how many hours yet, it’s not extreme but I am a pretty slow artist!


Be thankful you can draw. My circles look like retarded 6’s or 9’s so....

Oh man, I spent so much time telling everybody in my normal day to day life how much I love this, that I forgot to tell YOU how much I love this!!

Those rats are such a great addition. I texted this picture to all my friends who are following the comic when I first saw it haha


Glad you like it! Sorry it’s taking so long to finish... I’ll try to wrap it up in the next week or so, or else your campaign will be finished!

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