"I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." Comic Creation Update #21 - Beautiful Apocalypse

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Over the past week I've begun delving back into the coloring process for the first issue of "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." I'd done a bit of experimenting around colors about 6 months ago (holy hell I can't believe it's been that long!) with some satisfying results mixed with dissatisfaction. This is of course no different from the other aspects of the work such as the writing and illustration, but I'm particularly anguished over the colors because it is my least practiced area and not something I feel comfortable with.

That being said, I'm beginning to grow happier with the results through a mixture of both improvement and a shift in mental attitude. My increasing confidence, satisfaction, and productivity can't come soon enough because I've only got a couple months to get this issue finished up and off to the printer!

I experimented with several looks for this panel in a prior post but went back to the drawing board to give it a fourth go round and think I'm finally dialing in a workable style that's pleasing to me and fits the tone of the book.


I'm working toward a nice vibrant, animated feel that I can also skew dark and moody when the story calls for it.

With this fairly successful test under my belt, I wanted to jump ahead to another panel that I knew was going to be reliant on the color phase to really push it over the top.


The color and luminance are hopefully what take Julie's determined stare... and turn it more intimidating! Like Vinz Clortho in Ghostbusters, a good glowing stare just signals, "Don't mess with this individual!"

Further heartened, I moved on to working on the cover image that I've had sitting around for the longest time. This has tons more work to do but is showing a hint of promise I believe! I've just begun experimenting on rendering the sky and flames, everything else is just simple flat color placeholders.


The skies and overall atmosphere of "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." are going to be an ongoing and large challenge. Your typical zombie apocalypse is a cold, drab, grey world for the most part. But this is not a zombie apocalypse, it's a magical apocalypse that despite its chaos and destruction also can hold immense beauty.

Capturing these aspects will be tough and my big fear is that I won't be able to do this without making it all look garish and amateurish. Already I think some of these examples are a bit oversaturated and lacking cohesiveness, so I'll be playing with the tones and brightness until the end. Thankfully that is something that I can do working digitally.

With my self imposed deadline of launching "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." #1 at the Baltimore Comic Con in October fast approaching, I am finding my behavior and mindset changing. I'm putting lots more time in and possibly finding a better balance between quality control and perfectionism.

Have you ever seen the movie A League of Their Own? Tom Hanks has a great role in it as baseball manager Jimmy Dugan, and a delightful character arc and scene as he works to reign in his temper when coaching his team.

"Vinz Clortho? Jimmy Dugan? Did I miss a memo about movie reference week?" you may be asking yourself...

Nope! That's just how my brain works! And for some reason I was just thinking how I'm my own Jimmy Dugan. As I work toward a deadline and completing a massive project, I'm forced to suppress my urges and forge ahead regardless.


"Bryan! Bryan! Could you come here a second...

Your composition, anatomy, perspective and color theory are all... kinda lacking...

That's something I'm gonna need you to work on... for next issue...



So that's just what I'm planning on doing thanks to my inner Jimmy Dugan. Making the next issue better than this one, and the third issue better than the second, and.. you get the point.

Thanks for reading my ramblings! Possibly a bit punchier than usual as I am pretty tired! But I'll put in an hour or two of drawing before bed because I really need to, and because "there's no crying in comics."

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

(that last bit was another League of their Own reference... but there definitely is crying in comics, at least the way I do them!)

This is an official Fundition campaign update post to help fund the publication of the independent comic "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." meaning your votes alone can help you earn rewards like a free copy of the comic and more! For more information check out https://fundition.io/ and the prior update articles for "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..."!


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Heya Bryan!

Just wanted to ask several things in relation to the new fundition campaign:

  1. You gonna send me a script to provide notes on or what! You earned that reward and I'm happy to take the time.

  2. Did you ever send @kommienezuspadt the awesome Hazel Margaret print you did? Could you send me a highres scan of the print? I just want to have it in my life and on my hard drive

3)My current campaign is going to take months, so if in the future you have any time to do another prize print, I would love to see one, jus sayin haha. Perhaps Theresa could do a similar print for your comic campaign.

Hey @drwatson! I’ve just run into the problem that I don’t have much of structure to send your way. I’m just winging this most of the time! 😂 You’d get a photo of my pile of illegibly scribbled post it notes! Seriously though, I appreciate the offer and hopefully we’ll get to meet up at some point and I can just pick your brain freestyle!

Lars told me not to bother with shipping, he’s planning on getting the piece from me next time we manage an in person meetup. I know he’s keen to try and get you, me, and Blewitt together next time he’s on the east coast.

I’m sure I wouldn’t even be able to touch any other work than ”I Thought It Would Be Zombies...” until mid August at earliest. I’d love to do something again though, so we’ll just see where you’re at in campaign 2 (or maybe 3!) at that time!

By the way, really enjoyed Ithaqa #1. Been meaning to write a post about it but haven’t got there yet. It was great to see it all cohesive. After seeing all your extensive previews & behind the scenes posts it was nice to read it linearly and fill in the details.

I'm glad you like it! One thing maybe I'll eventually talk about in a post, is the fear of actually delivering on something after you spent 2 years writing and fundraising for it.

Especially because it did start out with structural and narrative issues that I only partially felt I got to address via the remix.

We walk a hard road man, haha.

Hello! How are you, Bryan? The coloring you have done is good, her eyes are very striking and intimidating, she is a girl with character.
OMG! I remember the first time I saw only the sketch of that cover, it was only the sketch and I found it INCREDIBLE. Since you started this comic book, everything has become a journey of more learning and you have also evolved more as an artist. For those of us who read to you, it is pleasing to see what you do.

Just be calm (although it's kind of crazy to calm down when you have to finish) I think you'll be fine for the date, I understand what you say with the colors, the decision to choose them must be a bit difficult for the subject of which is Zombies / gray , but you have not made it gray like the others, you have given it life in a certain way.

Thank you! I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again... Your progress and learning these past couple years has been so much greater than my own! I’m amazed by the new paintings you’ve been showing and sorry that I don’t often take the time to comment on your posts. Keep up the amazing work!

Exactly 5 days ago I completed 2 years here in the platform. I have thought to make a publication of that, if I do not forget it XD.

Thank you! you are always busy and I understand that you can not always comment, but I know you see them and I appreciate that you always support me, during all this time I have met incredible people and you are one of them.

I appreciate your friendship!!

Do you do commissioned work or collaborate on steemit posts?

I’ve participated in some Steem community projects/contests in the past, like one of the first Steem “drawing jams” ever and a couple Trial By Comics. I’d love to do more and open up a commission list in the future. Right now self publishing this comic has full focus though, so it’ll be at least a few months before I think of adding anything else to my plate!

I completely understand. I have some ideas for future posts. You would receive payment anf full credit. I like you art very much and a few of the images really speak to me.

I am thinking about several posts in the 2000 word neighborhood and would like for you to help make them a reality.

I can pay in steem, sbd, SP, pocket lint, bitcoin, USD or toenail clippings.

I’ll keep it in mind and gladly reach out as time frees up. I can never have too many toenail clippings! 😬

Thought you might be hungry for some cake.

Always! Thanks! 🤤🍰

You deserve that and more. You are very talented.


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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