I Decided On A Deadpool Day... (no spoilers, not even a review really... just geeky pondering!)

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Yep, I decided on a more relaxed day today and headed to the theater for Deadpool 2 rather than attending a nearby comic convention. I was debating what to do yesterday and got some great Steemian advice and conversation around the topic of just how lazy I should be today!

In the end, fiscal responsibility tipped the scale in DP's direction, even more so than laziness. I knew if I headed for the con, it would cost me twice as much as a movie ticket and popcorn just to get in the door... and once in, my lack of self control would not have allowed me to leave without spending much more money.

So How Was It?

Loved it. In some ways it was better than the first. The original of course retains special credibility for developing the characters and tone of the franchise, but then it's really nice to just dive right into the sequel with all of that already on the table. Great action, great humor, great twists, great music, and a real emotional resonance that was surprising.

It may almost be sacrilege, but I dare say I may have enjoyed it more than Infinity War. Of course, it's kind of an "apples to oranges" comparison, but that sentiment is a good indicator of just how much I enjoyed Deadpool 2.

How Charming is Deadpool?!?

One of the things I enjoyed about my theater experience today was some of the other patrons in my row. The three seats immediately to my left were occupied by three ladies.

Now I know what you're thinking... I had my eye on the ladies. But no, not quite like that.

(For that I had my crush on Negasonic Teenage Warhead played by Brianna Hildebrand. Anybody else think she's gorgeous? If you're reading this, call me Bri! Do you go by Bri? Probably not... oh damn, I'm killing my chances! Stop babbling Bryan, play it cool...)


Yup, I'm jealous of Yukio.

ahem, so anyway, the trio of ladies I'm talking about in the theater probably ranged between the ages of 50-70. As I initially settled in, I will freely admit to some mental ponderings, which if I'm being totally honest were probably a bit sexist and ageist.

Are they in the wrong theater? Did they see the first Deadpool? Do they have any idea what they're getting into? I wonder if they'll walk out?

But what can I say, the gals loved it, leaving my concerns entirely unfounded and giving me a whole new appreciation for just how wide reaching and universal these comic based movie properties have become.
(to be fair, I kind of figured it was going to go smoothly during the opening trailers, as they made a couple wisecracks during the preview for the latest Purge movie...)

Deadpool also gave me pause for thought in terms of my creative endeavors, and some geeky collecting urges as well. Perhaps I'll delve into blogging about those over the next few days.

If you saw Deadpool 2 what'd you think? If you're seeing it soon, swing on by and let me know how it went after! I hope you get some cool seniors in your viewing crew too!

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

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Sweet! Glad to be hearing positive things regarding this. I’ll be seeing it this weekend sometime.

Awesome non spoiler endorsement. I will go see this one!

Very happy to hear the movie was rockin’. Negasonic understandably appears more mature but just as killah. Yes, I just wrote killah. Also glad Deadpool’s bartender friend (I always see him as Erlich) has a bigger role. The whole flick looks stellar, and with your glowing endorsement... I’m there hopefully this wknd!


Well, this will most likely be the last T.J. Miller sees of the Deadpool franchise for a while, as he's had a bit of legal trouble lately! Our favorite cabbie Dopinder also sees quite a bit of great screen time!

wowowowow \o/ im glad you decided to see deadpool 2 and im glad you enjoyed it :D wasn't that just SO. MUCH. FUN??? :D :D

it's bold and funny and really well paced and the cast is great and the villains are interesting * ___ * love the humour, and of course, all the fourth-wall-breaking moments were amazing XD

i need to re-see it again to compare which one i like the first or the second, but it's going to be close :> (i have soft spot for the first one because it was like a "despite all the odds, we did end up getting a proper deadpool movie")

BRYAAAAAAAAAAN, can you believe this is the age we are living in???? OMG

S U P E R H E R O E S blockbusters dominating the cinemas \o/





Your enthusiasm is warranted! We are in a geeky golden age! The first Deadpool was one of the only movies I ever saw in the theater twice, but I didn’t grab a copy for home yet so I haven’t seen it since! Perhaps I need to rewatch that, and immediately head to the theater for a second viewing of the sequel!


YES WE ARE \o/ Amazing time ! :D

The first one really ties in with the second one so well, I have to say cuz I did re-watched the first one before going in to see the sequel, and it's amazing how well-structured and well connected the two is :>

I do wanna rewatch Deadpool 2 but I went to see Infinity War three times and now I'm low on money XD. ALAS.

may have enjoyed it more than Infinity War.

It is easily better than the first at the least imo. It may be my favorite mutant movie. And it is not like the movie is without it's flaws (I only wish they put more respect on Shatterstar's name), it is just the things it does right are so beautiful. I remember I was all blown away before Infinity War "we had Logan, Spider-Man, Thor, Black Panther, comic book movies are at prime, it can't get no better!" I would say to my cats, but boy how good it feels to be wrong.

I sadly see online murmur from non comic book nerds who may be getting sick of so many men and women in tights in movies and shows. I am just glad these things are being made with such care to the source characters and feel. Deadpool 2 felt like I was watching a live action episode of a reboot of the X-Men animated series, big action, lots of mutants, coherent story that wrapped up at the end of the episode yet I still can't wait for next week, ugh, so good. Deserves a re-watch for sure.


Spot on. And I just replied to @coldsteem here about how I feel like "comic book movies" is almost a setting, not a genre. Perhaps it's because I'm a huge fan, but I don't get the gloom and doom burnout predictions. They are all so different!

Good choice. The convention definitely would have set you back. I am with you on the comparison to Infinity War. It may be a bit apples to oranges, but I enjoyed DP2 better. It wasn't big and glamorous. It was just intense offbeat humor and dark fun.


With my lack of self control around comics and geeky merchandise... it would've set me waaaaay back!
Whenever folks talk about comic book movies becoming oversaturated, I don't agree as I think there's a tremendous amount of diversity among them, to the point that they aren't really the same genre. Deadpool vs. Infinity War is somewhat an example of that! It's like the comic book trappings are a setting instead. Just like every film set in the "old west" isn't a Western.


Good points. And it is obvious there is no oversatutation. Based on the massive returns these films are still generating.

I knew it! knew that in the end decided to go to see DP XD Oh well i hope you enjoyed the movie and your day without work, at another time there will be conventions that if worthwhile

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I'm too much sleepy right now to go through this complete post because it's 6:05am and I didn't sleep yet but now I'm sleepy and I'll surely go through this post when i wake up, till now good night sir.

I never saw the first Deadpool. It seemed like an okay movie but probably full of low hanging fruit as far as the comedy goes. For whatever reason though, I'm actually interested in seeing this second one. You mentioned it was better than the first, so that's one more reason for me to check it out.

I really need to see this movie. Though I loved the first one, I couldn't help but feel a little bored at all the background story. I love the fact that now that everything is established we can go into more Deadpool this time.
Ryan Reynolds is the best!