Deadpool, Stan Lee, and Me. (That Would Make A Great Book Title eh?)

in comics •  10 months ago

Or instead of a book title it would just be the makings of a great dinner party. For me at least. Sorry I forgot to invite you, next time... I promise.

So what am I carrying on about tonight you ask? This is part 2 of my Deadpool 2 musings... a sequel about a sequel you might say. But I'm not really talking about Deadpool, rather it's just a random train of thought that was brought on by yesterday's viewing of the movie. (You can read more about that in my last post.) Let's see if you follow along.

Marvel Movies Always Get Me Creatively Pumped

It's usually just the "official" Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe fare that achieves this feat and not the licensed out universes put together by Sony and Fox, but Deadpool not surprisingly breaks that wall and gets lumped in with the good stuff.

Just the sight of that now iconic opening emblem, the Marvel logo materializing amidst the flipping of illustrated comic pages... I almost get a chill every time.

In the hours and days following a great experience like a well done comic movie, or finishing the reading of an amazing graphic novel, I often wander around in a bit of a daze, my brain muttering to itself, "That's what I should be doing." That drive to make my living off of a creative pursuit kicks up a notch, the embers stoked by what I've just seen or read. Deadpool 2 did the trick.

The Profound Effect of Stan Lee's Cameo

Ok, so profound may be too strong a word, as is cameo. Yes other than a quick stylized rendering of Stan on a billboard in the background, Stan "The Man" Lee didn't actually give one of his famous cameos in Deadpool 2. Nevertheless my mind gravitated toward Stan as one of the cornerstones of all the Marvel goodness that we geeks are enjoying today.

But today Stan didn't only inspire me with his creativity and gregarious charm. Nope, he inspired me with his age.

I'm pretty aware of Stan's background, as I enjoy reading information on the history and creation of comics, but I still had to do a quick bit of Googlin' for his birthdate to confirm my optimistic hunch.

Stan was born in 1922. In 1961 Fantastic Four #1 was released, the comic that turned the superhero genre upside down and created the Big Bang that's result is the Marvel Universe we know and love today, in all its forms. Stan was 39 years old. 1 year older than I am now. That is actually inspiring.

All too often it can feel like it might be "too late" and I've missed the boat to get the career I dream of or achieve some level of creative satisfaction. But I can realize now that this can be just the start of a "marvel"ous ride. And I don't need a multi billion dollar corporate juggernaut and the vast array of creative properties that Stan's career has encompassed. A bookshelf full of self published comics and graphic novels, (and yeah... maybe at least ONE movie adaptation) will do fine.

I'd already set myself the goal of completing an issue of my own comic project, "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." by years end. Thinking of where Stan was at in his life as he headed into his 39th year on this planet while his mind roamed other planets far beyond... well, it makes it seem that much more doable and special.

But damn, inspiration alone isn't enough, it's still going to require...

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

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Hey, Bryan, thanks for having approved our witness! On my side, I confess I have to catch up with Deadpool ...


No thanks needed! Your post regarding the democracy of Steem certainly struck me, and all of your information so far seems earnest and well thought. Looking forward to seeing what you do!


Thanks! Well, on Wednesday 23rd I organize the first meetup dedicated to Steem in Luxembourg, I'm quite excited about it. Frankly I feel this blockchain is not getting the attention and interest it deserves. not enough people realize how sophisticated and capable it is. Not a "be all, end all" but something we can build upon.

Steem on !

The movies would not be the same without the cameo!

There are many examples of people coming into their own a bit later in life. That's very inspiring I did not know that about his age. I look forward to seeing "I thought it would be zombies..." love that title! It's never too late. I finished my bachelor's degree last year and I'm older than you. I just don't accept that we are useless after 30 or whatever the cut off is. I have already decided should I need to show my old face I will "pull a Sia" and disguise myself. Gotta do what ya gotta do.


Congrats on your degree and thanks for the inspiring words! Logically, I can always convince myself that it's never too late... but every now and again you need something to connect with you in a way that makes it a bit more visceral!


I agree! I call that a word I learned from guitarist Steve Vai, "crystalization." When the idea becomes so fixed in the mind it's like a huge aha! moment. -- looks for the video

This video is inspiring for any creative person I think check it out :)

hahahaha to me see the MARVEL intro always excites me a lot because I know it's a bomb what I'll see.

The truth is that it's never too late for absolutely nothing, you always hear that the train only goes by once and you have to get on it because then it's too late... In my opinion, it's not like that... it does not matter how old it is The effort and confidence in what you do can make your own train and achieve success.

I'm looking forward to seeing DP2 soon. Marvel have put out so many movies, but a lot of them are great fun. I've heard Stan struggles to read comics now with his failing eyesight, but he's such an iconic figure and it must be gratifying to see something he kicked off become so successful.


Stan has been in the media a lot lately, seemingly because in his golden years he’s now been surrounded by some unsavory vultures. Sad to see and I hope he does still feel great satisfaction and happiness with his legacy.

Age isn’t as big a thing as we tend to make it. While it is true that society tends to prefer younger generations, age also means experience and street smarts.

Those can be turned into drive. Drive is most often irreplaceable and especially for creatives one of the biggest things required.

Don’t let common thinking influence what you want to do. Just do it. At least you will never be able to regret that you didn’t try.


”Drive is most often irreplaceable and especially for creatives one of the biggest things required.”

Truer words were never spoken... err... typed I mean! I’m doing what I can to build that drive now, admittedly it has been lacking in me.

True, the Intro of Marvel movies cause chills to any fan, now that you talk about Stan Lee is really an awesome man for everything he accomplished throughout his life, his career is full of many stumbles and triumphs, in an interview that said what And there was a time when he should stop doing comics and he didn't because his wife inspired him and supported him to continue doing the great work that he still does today.

Stan Lee was the school bus driver in one movie. Was that Dead Pool or Infinity Wars? I'm forgetting but yeah, his age is impressive.

Hello @bryan-imhoff, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!