When you get a Golden Nugget at a LOW PRICE! And it's Batman!

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I have mentioned before that I have an online comic book store. And eventually, someone always offers me stuff.

Most of the times, I have to refuse the offerings, because it's material too odd or really unsellable, but then comes a guy that have stuff attractive enough, although, in the market right now, it's out of some pockets or doesn't have enough traction among customers.

A few weeks ago, some customer offered me a package consisting of 20 something comics, including this one...!

Bats 1.jpg

These items, because of the size and time of publication, are really hard to come by. Back in '74, there wasn't the right supplies to keep them in nice condition. This one, is realle great! I value it at VFNM, at least!

The guy told me that he needed 15 dlls por something to pay, and since he put the price, i didn't feel bad for him. His word was his measure!

This minor (!) jewel is valued at least 100/120 dlls!

Look at the size and condition!

An image comparing size with a moden comic:

Bats 2.jpg

What do you think about it?

Thanks for reading my posts!

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A hundred to 120! I have a few of these in my personal collection! I need to find where I have them. I used a couple of them in this old Steemit post