When you find a Golden Nugget!

in comics •  last year 

Some time ago, a friend offered me the stock he had in his comic book store, which he had closed, unfortunately, several years ago.

We decided in a price for everything, a really good, low for him, sorry, amount on all the stuff which I bought without checking all the stuff.

After I had it in my possession, and while checking and ordering the books alfanumerically, this minor jewel appeared, in almost Near Mint condition!

NYX 3.jpg

This is an amazing comic, and people who know the value of it, will agree that really was a great finding!

What do you think?

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Nice find! I sold one maybe a year after it came out... it was already a “hot” book and I probably got $30 for it. Sure wish I still had it! But I was scraping together cash to print a comic of my own so it was for a good cause. My hope is for Steem to “moon” so I can buy back all the great issues I’ve parted with over the years!

Bryan-imhoff, now it sports tag prices so huge... In the rank of 300/350 dls!

My shop has been open for just over 10 years and we buy collections all the time. I have received this book a total of ONCE in the hundreds of collections we have bought. It’s deginitely a tough book to find. Nice score brother.

Thanks, Blewitt! Not my cup of tea, since apart from having (now) an online store, I'm also a collector, but of SF/Horror 50s comics. But the item is very well received!