One of my guilty pleasures... Yes, and it's about a comic book movie!

in comics •  last year  (edited)

Yes, we are talking about Avengers: Infinity War!

It's just 2.2 million dollars behind the 3rd place in the All-Time Worldwide Box Office chart!

In a previous post I dreamed about this movie taking 2nd place over Titanic, but I don't believe it will make it! Why a guilty pleasure? Because I think that if these movies are winners at the Box Office, the Powers That Be, will make more movies with the same or more quality!

Titanic just stands at $2,187.5M and it looks too far away now for our little movie to reach there.

Anyway, one can dream, don't you think?

Some other time, I'll tell you about the dismal 70s, movie-wise for Marvel, comparing them with the giant then... DC, and with only ONE movie from them!


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