More power to the People... At Disney, of course!

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The Disney Company got his mousy paws on Fox, today, paying 71 billion dollars!

This will make The Disney Company, more powerful at the Box Office, if that's even possible!

Let's just remember that BV (Buenavista) their producing Movie company, has 12 movies that have earned more than ONE BILLION DOLLARS at the Box Office, and TWO of them, more than TWO billion! And they are in the list of the 25 biggest grossers of all time!!

Disney bought Marvel in 2009 paying 4 billion dollars, and has earned with 5 movies 8.9 billion dollars, only at the Box Office, not taking into account merchandising, which would double that take.

Disney puchased Lucas Films paying 4 billion dollars, and has earned 4.5 billion for the movies produced the last few years!

Before Fox adquisition, Disney's worth was 152 billion dollars... How much more is worth after this?

One thing is for sure... More movies are coming our way!

Data from Box Office Mojo and Forbes, as of this day, of course.

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