Marvels, the greatness of a Comic book Universe! RUINS, the worst of it...

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Don't get me wrong... Warren Ellis wrote a masterpiece in two parts.

Being the continuation of sorts of Marvels, a saga chronicling the Marvel Universe since the beginning up until the death of Gwen Stacy - which marked the end of the innocence for many readers around the world- Ruins is a dark story where we see what would happen in the real world, if a radioactive spider bit you, or if an unshielded prototype rocket traveled into the upper reaches of Earth's gravitational field, or many other things that, as in everyday life, could and went wrong...

These are the covers of the 4 issues of Marvels:


And these are the 2 issues from Ruins:


Ruins are real life events.

We see for example, a woman offering her services, and telling you that she will make it like if she read your mind!


We see the government putting the Kree-Skrull War survivors in a concentration camp just in the place they made atomic tests, in Nevada!


We see a hobo being mistreated by government bodyguards and breaking the apparatus that made him inoffensive to humanity, and causing a magnetic disturbance with deathly results!


We see a millionaire industrialist, after an accident involving the National guard, with shrapnel in his heart, trying to survive...


We see a man dying from radioactive poisoning after an spider bit him, and affecting also all people around him...


Or a very special penitentiary, where a man, Wilson Fisk, is the warden and to avoid escapees, amputate the legs of a very fast and very special man, or blinded another with eyes like burning twin suns...


And many, many more horrible situations.

This two-issue saga is full of stories, stories that we all know by heart, but that here took an horrible turn to madness. Of course, it doesn't have a happy ending... Just like sometimes happen in real life.

This is a great story, but not one to lift your spirit in ableak day, rest assured.

This is a must have!

Thanks for reading my posts.

                     Not many cheers, today...
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