Kirby, Kamandi, Superman and Planet of The Apes!

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After Jack Kirby left Marvel Comics in 1970, he went to DC Comics and began to develop his usal tapestry of great stories. After New Gods, Forever People and Mr.Miracle, he created Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth.

Many readers claimed that it was a swipe of the 1963 book Planet of The Apes, but nothing was far from the truth than that! Kamandi's adventures happened in a post-apocalyptic Earth, where animals were intelligent and humans were a little more than roaming beasts!

Kamandi 1.jpg

Kirby already had a few stories which he combined ( an usual method of his) to get the final result.

One of the them, was Kamandi of the Caves, from 1959, which transpired in a prehistoric time, and the other was an small story called The Last Enemy, appearing in Alarming Tales # 1 from 1957, and here, looking at the splash page, you can see his magic already at work!


Superman, being already a character 37 years old, wasn't the most attractive guest star, but Kirby made him a great guest in Kamandi # 29, from 1975.

Kamandi 29.png

The story its about the suit of The Mighty One, a forgotten hero, the greatest of them all! And the gorillas had been trying to put the suit on, but first they had to prove that they could fly!

I don't want to ruin the story for you, but it's really worth your time!

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