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When the PC People win over Artistic Freedom... in Comics!

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Both of these cases of "outrage" were just bizarre. I remember people scoffing that Milo didn't know how to draw the female figure properly and it was exaggerated for sexual enticement. is ANY female super hero in a skin tight outfit isn't drawn with that partially in mind. But Milo is unarguably a master of drawing female anatomy, and with a pose like this I sincerely doubt he didn't use a live model.
As for the filling Joke cover...the same people up in arms seem to gloss over West World and Game of Thrones for some reason. In the grand scheme of things, hardly anyone is going to see either of these covers in comparison to those two shows, and even less would have seen them if there wasn't the forced controversy.
These book weren't in grocery store comic book racks next to Casper and Archie. Like you said, just don't buy them if you don't like the "message they send"

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