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With the new "update" leaving most of you still unable to vote or do much's kinda quite around here as far as new content. No doubt most people are figuring they'll wait til Monday after everything's back up and functioning. Which is a smart move if you wanna make a few bucks...

But I'm not here to make a few bucks...I'm here to show Arsenic Lullaby to as many new people as I can reach. I'm the type that thinks long term. and as long as everyone else is taking a knee for a few days...that leaves the stage wide open. Hell, those of you on here need something to see, right? ...I mean besides a deluge of blogs about what HF20 means for the future and blah blah blah

So...what do I got...hmmm...

Here's a story from WAAAYYY back in Arsenic Lullaby no.1. The premise is nothing too inspired compared to the premises and plots that became a staple of this strange series since. BUT, you can see in the acerbic attitude of Frosty, the young seedling of dark humor storytelling beginning to poke it's head out of the soil. One no.1 was under my belt I just started cutting lose with whatever bizarre and awful thing that my brain felt like putting to paper.

Also...the epilogue didn't actually appear in issue one. It just sat in my sketchbook until I needed a few extra pages for a collection of the first years worth of issues. So, I think ( emphasis on "I think" as I'm not completely sure) that they have never been see online before. ( I could be wrong, though)














Like I said, I did this story YEARS back, and you can tell it's nowhere near as refined or polished, illustration wise, as I do now....but it does have a certain energy to it. This was before I started exclusivity using a brush for all inking. This was a combination of a technical pen, a crow quill, Chinese pig hair brush and a calligraphy dip pen. Looking back, it turned out kinda cool and some of these page layouts are really solid. I wish I had kept those Chinese brushes...but I gave them back to my ex after we broke up. Stupid. That was a rookie move. Always keep the gifts.

anyways...just for my own ego, here's a more recent illustration. I'm also showing it off to let you know an exclusive early showing of a Krampus story is on the way once everything here is back on track. So, remember to "follow" and come back for that one. And hey....remember who was here pushing the boulder up the mountain for no votes or steem when everyone else was off fucking around somewhere else, eh?


there's more #comics and an online store to order a physical copy coupon code -voodoo- is good for 20% off

!!!!the tags list on Steemit is generated by code...which puts tags up there based on ONLY popularity of use. You will notice that as of yet #comics does not exist there. So what we have been doing is using the hashtag #comics every single time we comment on my posts ( or any other posts if you like). It doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense to use it...the code doesn't know the difference!!!!

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I upvoted your post.

Best regards,

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Your dedication earns you a fat vote. I enjoyed the #comics story. Interesting to see your early style.


Hey, the show must go on! #comics

Glad someone is working. One would think everyone is here is expecting a cryptocurrency to land on his lap or something.


You'd think so, wouldn't you? I'm sure they're all back now. Came out from hiding under the bed. #comics

Always love your posts, Doug :) And it's amazing to see your sense of humour from way back when :D :D :D


Thanks! The writing was pretty good, even if the illustrations were rough. #comics

It didn't get as dark as I was expecting it to after I saw the doctor comment.

I don't know if you're still on Discord, but I have an idea to pitch to you if you're interested in ideas.


If by "idea" you mean something you would commission me to do, than I am. If by "idea" you mean some thing you think I should draw, but do not wish to pay me for...then no.


10-4. It was just an idea I had that doesn't translate as well to the written word as it would to your style of art and humour but I getcha.

It can roll around in my melon until I get bored of it.


Yeah, I absolutely never use other peoples ideas, it's just my own idiom. but hell, if it's a good idea you can probably find someone who's got illustration skills who'd love to take a run at it.


I might try and write it out. I understand where you're coming from. I wouldn't write someone else's story either. I just thought of you when the idea hit me.

I think because I'm so poor at drawing, I see pictures in my head as other people's work.

Hehehe those children are quite cutthroat. I certainly didn't expect that they would come up on top because The Snowman looks convincingly scary.
It's good that you are around to entertain us during all these time, Doug. And I'm waiting for your Krampus story :D.              
For the love of #comics !                      


It's coming soon! #comics

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Thanks for that!

Love this!!!!!

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