jaya seabird episode 1 : start adventure

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I will tell you about the jaya seabird.

Episode 1 : start the adventure

On a glorious day swimming alone by the beach ,,,,,

Then victorious in pushed by strong waves, then he shouted help.


Then he regrets

Oh ....
I should not swim when the waves are in pairs ,,,,

When triumph begins to unconscious, there is someone shadow help him ,,,,

Blup ,,,,!
Blup ,,,,!

A few moments later he was already on the boat, then he realized ,,,,,

Ugh ..!

Where am I?

Then say the person who saved him

You're aware of the boy!
How are you doing?

Jaya takes a great deal of thanks to the man who saved her

Thank you for helping me!
My name is victorious, whose father?

The name I pop the sailor, I am a sailor who is circling the vast ocean

Yaya surprised ,,,,

Wow .. !!
When I'm older I'm going to be an adventurous sailor!

The triumphant encounter with the seafarers' pop, made the soul of the glorious seaman rise up ...

See you victorious ...?

Welcome to the sailor's pop ....

I have to practice hard, so big I'll be a glorious seafaring child ,,,,

Then in the spirit with the spirit

Hups .. !!
Hups .. !!

Jaya was adolescent ....

Jaya has a mini ocean liner called the ocean of the sky ...

My ship is na ...

Jaya began his adventure around the ocean .....


wait for the next episode

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