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I'm not sure I really need to explain how this came about.

I'm just going to mention @jhagi.bhai and she can explain the rest.

Or just find @rhondak in the Fiction-workshop in the Minnowsupport Discord channel

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I can't effing stop laughing. OMG Every time I straighten up, I look at this again and just die.

I would give this a 500% upvote if I could. Peg that slider hard to the right. You have a gift for capturing the moment that is so deadly accurate. . .like you, I'm not gonna jump into explanations here. But I will say this much--you nailed it. Holy hell. I just sat here and laughed so hard I started seeing spots.


I don't get it. I watched him draw it though so I can pretend I understand it.

This. This right here is why I love Fiction Workshop. It would still be awesome if we did nothing but fiction editing and writing improvement, but it's also a room full of slightly dysfunctional geniuses who make each other laugh. It's my second home. Love you guys, as always :D

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