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I think the world is going to implode someday and we're moving supersonically towards this event. There seems to be an inverse relationship between the level of sensitivity related to the obsolescence of the strife that humans are sensitive about.
You take a quick look around your environment and you'll meet them. These guys live for the fight, the struggle, the movement, get my point. They're these set of liberals that push the limit and are always dictating the way people should feel through their campaigns on the street and on social media. Their mantra is that everyone has a right to live in any manner the person deems fit and others are to ignore/mind their own damn business, even if culturally, some of the practices advocated for are entirely new/weird/creepy/special or any other one of those sort of adjectives. Its a real mess I tell you. I am of the opinion that indeed evolution does occur and it is in fact evident in the way humans interact with ourselves these days and one of the catalysts of the siege mentality that abounds is due to these "accommodating to a fault liberals". Every day they find new ways to accommodate weird practices and its only a mater of time before blatant vices start being seen as "only natural".

Its a sensitive topic but take the example of homosexuality in my society, most western countries/societies have keyed into the concept and have fully adjusted to it but around here, not really. I was recently approached by a gay guy in my country, around here, they keep their activities on the low due to the law that prohibits it. I wasn't flattered by his advance, honestly, I felt somewhat weirded out by it but I respectfully declined his offer. This is not to say that I don't find the practice weird, neither is that an affirmation that I think gay people are bad people. Its a cultural thing, the whole idea of it is simply weird. If I don't have the right to think something/someone is weird because of the way the person chooses to mate, then what's the point of it all? People think I'm weird all the time and I don't see anybody making a fuss about it.
Anyways, deviating from the serious shit to the less serious, is the use of the N-word. It used to have slavery undertones but these days, it loosely means "friend" or "buddy" if you're Canadian. There's a fair bit of privilege attached to the use of the word, especially for black Americans. Its something I don't quite grasp. Is it like a response to the perceived "white privilege"? That's also just another mental thing? Call me naive but I think its a word like "fuck" or any other slang that's used normally, What do I know anyways? I'm just a guy behind a screen, trying to make some sense.
This post isn't even that funny when you think about it, its all some serious shit and there's so much strife in the world. There's Arabs being called "terrorists" for no reason, yet we can't blame the accusers for doing so and neither can we blame the wrongfully accused for being offended, its just a mess, a mixture of emotions that probably has no common ground. There's no other way to say it, it is fucked up. We're on a crash course to chaos and I don't see a remedy in sight.
I nominate @traf and @trumpman to make entries for this week's contest.

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Good post nigga

Thanx ma nigga. Tell me that didn't feel good

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I get offended by people who get offended when someone is being offensively offensive. Are you offended? Well, I'm offended by your being offended.

You're smoking the same weed with me right now. Fucking asshokes always getting offended.

Well, other than you over-simplifying the liberals and Canadians, I don't see a problem. I don't think anyone is saying you can't think things are weird, after all, they are thoughts. It's when you start saying shit, that you might get called out. Just like you are calling out the liberals, gays, and blacks for what they believe and say. Maybe everyone should keep their thoughts to themselves and everyone will get along fine.

Except religious people. Fuck those cunts.

You'll totally love living in Nigeria😂😂😂