STOMACH UNENDING!! A Better Source of Wreckage (Comedy Open Mic Round 21)

in #comedyopenmic2 years ago (edited)

Women, ladies are fun to be with, but when the fun isn't funny any longer, I would suggest that one must look for a Plan B or get wrecked on the way😁😁!!

The female folks would never stop to amaze and amuse us, as long as this life is concerned. It's a phenomenon that can't be changed.

That's how I brought a beautiful, sexy female lady to my place of abode. And as a gentle guy, decided to cook for her and serve her, since she is actually fermished. I don't need I Sooth Sayer to tell me cause, it's all written on her face like a tattoo imprinted on a human body .

On serving her the food, she started giving me some silly attitude, saying,

"Sweetheart, I can't finish the food, I have already eaten already, but since you do insist, I will try my best"

There, I sat down watching her eat. And to my own amusement 🙆🙆!. Dear brothers and fellow steemians, she consumed 3 plates of fried rice, 2 rounds of cooked beef, and 3 packs of pizza I bought on the way back home, just like the way fire consumed Elijah's sacrifice before the prophet of Baal, right in front of me.

And after, consuming them, I told her,

Are you satisfied? Do you need more?

And she said,

"No honey, am satisfied. Thanks a million baby, you are a life saver!!

In my mind I said,

"Why won't you be satisfied, when your stomach is worst than a ruminant animal, in short you are a whale in disguise" Daammmnnnn!!

Ooooooooh!!!, my sweet goodness!! Such lady or ladies are capable of ship wrecking a guy's account like titanic, if eventually such a guy falls a victim of taking them out for shopping...

Look for the nearest exit and escape, before you serve the shopping mall for weeks. And don't look back.. It's not me she would wreck😂😂😎😎

I do nominate @mistikili and @snook for an entry into comedyopenmic

Thanks for visiting my blog and till then, i remain loyal and faithful to @steemit, @steemjet and it's community. ☝️☝️☝️@misterbauchi


If you wish to enter @comedyopenmic, please include comedy open mic Round 21 in your title, as per the rules.

Thanks @bobaphet. I totally forgot. Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks brah, thanks for dropping by @starwarz

You didn't tell us what you and her did later in the night.

😁😁😁😁😁!! Crazy you bro @belemo. You do remember the NSFW rules on steemit. I don't want steemians to start thinking 1+1=11.

Comedyopenmic permits this

Seriously man, okay. Then, I would subscribe to its channel 😁😁

Did she eat it while sitting on the toilet? Where did it all go?

😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁!!! That's her business.. @profanereviews

Where is part 2? lol

It's coming up to day, dear friend. It won't be long😎😎

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