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RE: Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest - Round 27

Thanks for the post, comedyopenmic.

This bot runs through hundreds of posts per day selecting a small percentage of posts that have exceptional positivity.

Your post has been selected and upvoted because it has a high concentration of positive words that give feel-good vibes. Thank you for creating content that focuses on the bright side.

Your post has also been entered to be included in a daily roundup of positive posts.Please comment 'yes' or 'no' if you feel that my bot is correct in its judgement of this post. Your comments will be used to determine if this article belongs in the curated list. Over time, your feedback will be used to improve the judgement of this bot


I believe we discussed this.

Please do not place this comment on the comedyopenmic posts. You agreed to not post on here. If you continue to do I will have to act and signal my disagreement with your comments.

Apologies - it took me a little longer than expected to implement an unsubscribe or stop feature. The original poster of any post can now unsubscribe from the 'positivity bot'. Live long and prosper.

thank you.

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