Comedy Open Mic Round #29 - I'm Judging for Comedy Open Mic Round #30

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I hope you all have your heads screwed on well. On the off chance that you don't, here's a reminder/the first time you could possibly hear about this:
My judging standards for COM

5 - never gonna happen. So funny, I can't even
4.5 Legit funny, made me make an outloud noise, maybe... or at least in my brain.
4 -Surprisingly, this is funny
3.5 - I can see why this would be funny
3 - it makes sense that someone would think this is funny
2.5 - you made an effort of some sort
2 - I don't understand why you think this is a worthy effort/I just don't understand
1.5 - no man's land. I haven't used this rating yet, so who knows what it means! (edit: I know what 1.5 means now. It means "this is funny, but not because of anything you did.")
1 - This is not funny. Seems like maybe you just used the tag to get some votes?
0.5 - This should not exist/ the internet is worse because of this, and that's saying something. The internet bar is already pretty low
0 - disqualified for disqualification reasons

Nominating @stinawog and @paul.atreides for Round 30!

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Hi improv,

Thank you for your entry in to #comedyopenmic comedy contest. We have asked the judges below to review your entry and give it a funny rating. (They generally have no sense of humor, as the saying goes, those that can't do, start contests and judge).
This will determine your ultimate position when the results are tallied. (That being said, you are free to adopt any position you wish - we can recommend pantsless with beer in hand.)


If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact one of the judges or come say hi in discord: Click Here

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Thank you to @matytan for the great banner

What if I let you have sex with me?


Is your profile picture really you?


Yes. I use to be a normal shit, that changed when @holybranches was a judge


I'll include that in my calculations.

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I'm going to print this off and stick it inside my brain for judging things. All things.


Excellent. Make sure you use sturdy paper. Brains tend to turn things into mush.


It will be laminated for longevity. I will need to scan it for at least a month.