Comedy Open Mic Round # 27 (First Entry) New Planet!!!!

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They discover new planet in the solar system

Melburn. august 19.

Scientists from the Australian commission for outer space (ACFOS), discovered a new planet in our solar system and have named it as Chimichanga.

It is a small planet that had never been observed for being very small, but with the help of NASA, this little one was captured in the first digital photograph.

After the discovery ACFOS scientists began the preparation of a trip manned by Australian astronauts with the help of American astronauts.

After a rigorous selection, they were selected for such an important mission.

  • Captain @dj123 of the Australian Air Force
  • Captain @idikuci of the Australian Air Force, and
  • lieutenant @buttcoins for the US air force

This team of brave men, departed in the first exploration done after the mission of Apollo 11. They would be the first men to step on CHIMICHANGA

After 15 days of travel to the unknown planet, the COM I crew landed on the ground of CHIMICHANGA.

After the landing, the first images sent by the crew were shown to the public.

Because it was an Australian mission, the flag of Australia was placed to celebrate the success of the mission


During the tour of the planet, the crew was captured by aliens.

They were captured and subjected to experiments and many punishments.

Images of the aliens were captured by the crew and sent to earth.


The brave astronauts were subjected to forced sex, oral sex and forced to make love with many aliens.

After his return to earth, it was learned that the brave astronauts, had planned to return in the coming days

Missions from other countries are already preparing to travel to the planet CHIMICHANGA, some 245 missions are already prepared to leave in the coming days.

It is estimated that the heroes of the first mission, have planned another 15 trips in the remainder of the year.

There is nothing left to thank, the sacrifice of these men for research and exploration of the solar system. The inhabitants of planet earth will always be grateful for their courage.

For the closing of this publication, it was known that the brave astronauts had taken the decision to stay and live on the new planet CHIMICHANGA. Objective that was endorsed by ACFOS and NASA, to begin the civilization of the newly discovered planet. Now they will have the mission of making love every day for the next 35 years.

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Nomiate for this round @audioventa and @canalea


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These are great men who have chosen to lay down their lives for the furtherance of science.
I'm also going on this trip for science

Nosotros nos sentimos realemente conmocionados por la valentía y corage de éstos hombres. They remind us of great heroes of the past...

Although we liked your news, we can not accept it for "El Mosquete". The minimum number of words is 400 and yours has 352. Yes, we believe that we exceeded the number, but we can not change it halfway through the contest. If you modify it, notify us to have you in mind. Regards!

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Half of those aliens are the males. I wonder if our heroes learned which was which the hard way?

Hahahahahaha shit°°°°

I love how you think @dj123 is a man. He's got you buffaloed.

Really???!!!!!... Oh my god!!!! hahahahaha

Hey I'm man enough to handle you Proffy! 1 finger or 2?

Always err on the side of stretching.

ok 3 then!

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I was wondering why I didn't see @dj123 and @idikuci around anymore.. now I know.. they've moved to another planet .. we need new leaders to run COM then!

They will continue directing from CHIMICHANGA

Ah so they do have internet access over there? Thankfully.. COM is doomed without them!

That's what I keep telling you guys! Step up and run it! :)

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