Alternative Movie Endings - Comedy Open Mic Round 32

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Se7en- The box had a mirror in it.

Titanic- Jack sues Rose for hogging the door on the ocean.

Pretty Woman- Richard Gere begins a pimping empire.

The Nun- French Canadian guy swipes right for a girl who turns out to be a nun.

To all the boys I've loved before: Lana starts a harem of all five boys she wrote a letter to.

2012: er I think this is pretty apparent. Basically, I won't be writing in 2018.

The Sixth Sense: The kid is sent to a good optometrist.

Suicide Squad: A commentary on the reasons why people commit suicide.

Fight Club: The director of the movie is set upon for flouting the first rule of fight club

Avatar: You take of the 3 D glasses and everything is still blue

The Silence of the Lambs: Hannibal tastes lamb for the first time and likes it.

I nominate @take5 and @veryspider for comedy open mic round 32.

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haha no voting power to vote
and can't post on other account

hopefully it fixes itself in a few days

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you are a genius, my dear :D

We're assuming Jack survives after his balls are literally froze off. I mean quite literally. His lower half was submerged.

LOL ! the Hannibal one made me laugh ! :D :D