@berniesanders is ruining this place with his circlejerk. You probably won't even be able to read this post because of how low my reputation is now thanks to @berniesanders and his fake "abuse reporting" service on steemit aka @abusereports

Thanks. What is your next thing you will move on to? I assume you are gonna power down and buy some BAT or EOS?

I just invested 1 million in something, I have no idea if it will work out well as yet, but I thought it worth a go, not willing to say much more on here tbh. I still have plenty to invest, , though this place never did quite catch my imagination, mainly down to people not saying what they really want, and financial bullies, it in my opinion is no way to run a company, I have owned 3 or more if you count companies of the not ltd status, and I would never run one the same way as this.

There are a few still around that speak their mind its just their rep goes down to 0 quickly.
Honesty and integrity is rarely appreciated here.

They can then go fuck themselves, as I simply do not care.

I thought the same way a while back but truth is I enjoy pointing out to hypocrites how hypocritical they are too much.
Only its a pity most of them are to limited or blinded by own self righteousness to even notice

I am just here until something better is created, preferably based around EOS. Dan Larmier had SOUL and did try to fight the rot in this place while he was here. He got pounded pretty hard by some once he did. He cared. I think he also learned from the mistakes. That is why I am interested in seeing something like this on EOS.

Until then. There is no place really quite like this. There are some like Minds starting to pay, but they are also centralized and have been said to have censored in the past.

Though due to flags it ends up being much like censorship here anyway.

It can be easy to see the negatives, focus on them, and spiral.

I choose to look at the positives as it keeps me out of that spiral while I keep my eye open for something else.

It can't be legal to speak so much truth in one post, can it?

I'm not convinced with this at all...stop holding back and tell us what you really think.

Bro, what happened???

I just got steemit out.

Are you quitting, or just blowing off

BTW...way too much truth in your post....

Not sure yet, not feeling very much love on here, not feeling the whole site to be honest, no matter what, you stay you bro, I likes your style.

Did you get some nasties downvoting you or something?

I know what you mean about the site in general.

I've backed way off on my effort level because of it.

I love your style too, man. I'd love to meet you and share a couple brews some time. If you go, you will be missed, but I will totally understand and may not be far behind you....

Catch me on discord, under the same name, I have a new project I have just invested in, and would love to see you there, and yes, I would love to share a beer and BBQ with you also, under the moonlight, with our good ladies being waited on by us, while we steadily enjoy some beer.

Not much of a discord guy here, and I can't get on there tonight. When would be your next good time? Also, do you have a good direct URL?

I like the picture you painted. Can we add the Alps in the background?

Don't go! Don't go!

I don't expect anyone to read a thing I ever say. I'm glad when they do but to expect it.... naw... so disappointment is kept to a minimum.

I would like to see more interaction in the way of conversation and especially conversation that solves problems.

You have over a 1000 people following you. Yeah, hopefully, you're just having a bad day... peace brother

in good will and lightheartedness, I offer

Conversation could have been achieved here but I don't think the bid bots are helping matters. People don't bother to go through others posts regardless of how valuable the info may be. Everyone is concentrating on what they can get and it's really killing the community. Take bid bots out and you will see steemit get very vibrant

Everyone is concentrating on what they can get

That's the world we live in, JFK's "system of covet means". But not everyone has lost their mind.

There's some good minds and good hearts here too.

We're better than what we're showing because of the negative influence on our lives.


What he says ^^^^^^

I shall come back tomorrow and upvote your comment to 23 cents, it is not a lot, though the best I can do.

haha! Hey, how is your day going so far?

Excellent lol. And you?

Much better today, thank you.

#myturn lol look I just made up a tag, except there will be no apology from me, I see what I see, and I do not really like it.

That was funny. I think da dots page break is well better than the <hr>

page break. But I digress 'cause I am lazy at times. I almost did not capitalize my i, i do get lazy at times.

Did you like my "this fucking place drives me nuts" post then :-)

Yeah I actually did, this place is great for driving people nuts, it's due to all the white coat bootlick society members. But you have to keep an eye on them lest they take over all aspects of life. Want to drive a car, take this pill, oh wait your on that other pill so, no you don't get to drive.

Phew, that was quite a tornado post!
Let me put my wig back on and collect my wind-strewn thoughts.
Are you truly pulling the plug and moving on to greener pastures (mind you, you are already on green Polish pastures) or just venting?
There is no denying that Steemit is at times a frustrating experience (after all it does mimic the "real world") and one may wonder whether it is also an exercise in futility. I guess the satisfaction factor depends on one’s ROI, and not necessarily in terms of time/quality of contribution vs. $.
I have enjoyed reading your posts and whatever your decide, I wish you and your family all good things.

"This is not safe for wankers"

Haha and I've always thought of you as the shy and retiring type ;) lol Well nobody could accuse you of beating around the bush and a man that lets you know where he stands is a rare commodity these days so I know many will be refreshed by your honesty, I know I am. But in all honesty mate .. I'm sure many things can be worked through and the site is better for having you on it .. in short stick around and be the driving force and voice for a change that is very much needed.

If not, keep in touch buddy .. it's been great getting to know you.

It's how I feel now!
I hope you don't disappear 100% from here.
I believe there are many who love your stories and I'm counting myself as one of them.
Thanks for everything!

You have been one of the people raising awareness of Child Sexual Abuse, amongst other dark and hidden aspects of human society. This is IMO, a great service! I hear your frustration and feel versions of it myself. Truth can be brutally twisted and the vocal cords of sleeping Matrixminds appear to dominate and infiltrate all environments, including those that start off with promises and premises of alternative approaches.

I wish you well. May you not succumb to the disease of deep and lasting cynicism. Your feelings sir, are only ever your own to own and take responsibility for, noone or thing causes them in you, although triggers are everywhere. @deliberator, I wish you peace and rest and a recharging of your higher energies 🔆

Nooo....I just discovered you and you're leaving? Sorry, that comment would make more sense in your most current blog, but I had to backtrack to see the rant you were talking about ;)

I remain curiously unoffended ;) I Love people who say what they feel like saying, genuine is not easy to come by-- which I'm gathering is your reason for fucking off.

OH shit - you are one of my favourite Steemians and I really don't want to see you quit.

It's not perfect, and you probably won't make a living from it, but sometimes good shit happens - HANG IN THERE!

And leave whales alone!

PS - a crap upvote from me because your post is a bummer...

I'm probably gonna quit steemit soon,but there is something I want to try deal with before I go.

Ok where to start? I enjoyed this so much. I agree with you that this is the current circumstances we find ourselves here on steemit,
If you will come back a few times a week with a rant like this I promise I will laugh and upvote it.

I have been very busy with the @steemflagrewards project and have not been reading much more than abusive plagiarizers and comment spam.

So I can understand if you finally got your settlement, and the banksters came through with your retirement funds you would want to get the fuck out of here.

I wish you well and hope you find a good way to make it last for you and future generations you fathered.
I can also say I am somewhat perplexed what was the final trigger other than getting that pile of cash and deciding to be one of the rich assholes too?

Not joking we need as many solid minded guys that think with the brain like yourself to stay here.
Hell if all the solid minded disconnect then these assholes will have won.

The arseholes won long before I got here, and there is little I can do, I have money, though not enough to buy this site off. I will pop back from time to time, just to rant a little, but my daily contributions will be nil.

I wish you well my friend I sent you my email address. Your wisdom will be missed.

Well it has been great to get to know you a little bit here my friend. I have enjoyed your many enlightening post you have shared with us all. I wish you and your family well in the future. I also hope your new venture works out much better then steemit. It has been great having you here and i hope you may drop in from time to time. Would you mind if i contact you via your email? Cheers mate we will miss you here.

Hmnnn... had me smiling. Yes this is like fantasyland at times is it not? So, where goest thou? Many blessings.

Tis a secret for now. Though I will be sure to pop back and invite good sir, as fuck it, I like you . :-)

Please keep me informed. Look forward to it. Many blessings. need to spend some time with Nigel, and relax...

First impressions from a new user, who just logged back in after five months – steemit seems to be all about bots. I guess at least they're honest about it, unlike twitter, and then I come across this post and it says it all.

deliberator, I'm sorry I didn't get to know you, but I think you're right. I've got things I want to say, but it's a waste of time saying them here. Wishing you all the best.

well fuck you very much you non 30year old wiser than cunt, delibrate comedic wannabe rant poster.....ok fine i admit i did enjoy it a little, upvoted 100% with my shitty non-whale account

oh you mind sharing less than a little and say throwing a vote for ComedyOpenMic as a witness so we can encouragemore shitty fcukers like ourselves to share gloriously on this thingomagic called the blockchain

pss...also drop by COM Discord, we've been looking for jerks expressive souls like you since we started...nobody who's part of the mad house fits in anywhere so you might find something else worthy to rant about while mingling around.....oh yeah feel free to ignore my Derange Declaration by DJ channel and head straight to the Forbidden Zone when you get in...

COM Discord:

Oh fuck it your charm worked, consider it done. :-)

Hi @deliberator,
i am also confused with this bid bot issues. When some says bid bot help to increase steemit economy then i believe that, next when some others says not to use bid bots then i also believe that. So its not possible for me to obey both. Final result is surround with confusion. So what to do!

Note: You can delegate me your power before leave , it will help me to buy a cup of tea everyday :-|

Well, doesn't this blow. Now you gonna make me reveal I own the internet and you isn't going nowheres. I write it into the internet code you gots to stay and keep being my friend, no getting around it now. Plus, we still got to wait for me to get rich so you can sit at the beach with me while Robin Leech serves us drinks, so you can interpret his slang for me.

In all seriousness my friend, if you decide to stay out I wish you the best. Hoping though you may change your mind at some point and pop in, at least from time to time. Thank you for all the interesting articles you have posted. My life has been richer for them. Here is possibly my last upvote for you. Don't spend it all in one place, try to make the .03 last you awhile.

I shall make sure those 3 cents go back into the system, I never came for the money anyway, and I do have to go, as I do not like the culture, I love you like a brother though, that you can be assured, stay you bro, and if you look, you can find my email, if you wish.

Will definitely be keeping in touch my friend.

Well! I've been away for a month and come back to this! What have I missed, besides fulltimebot 0-35! I will have to come to Poland to find you and the beautiful girls, to see what's happening with the plantation, to see the new bikes, and to find out what's happening with the conspirators. True, this place is a huge disappointment, too cliquey and insincere, just like the rest of the world. There is no Utopia. So glad you are saying fuck (about 5073 times) without apologizing. If I stay, it will be a kak place without your pearls, but you've actually given me hope ... real people still exist! Viva @deliberator! ... wherever you may be.

Hi @leighleigh, have been missing you! I'm coming your way next week, would love to meet sometime. Will try to DM you if you're on Discord.

@lizelle, sorry I've been absent. How long are you here for? Try DM me @leigh.

Hi Leigh, I DM'd you @leighleigh. We're leaving Friday morning, could meet sometime today if you're able?

If you're going to use the @comedyopenmic tag, then please read the rules, I may have missed one, but it appears that you have not met any of them.

Superb as I hate fucking rules.

Sad to see you leave, although I'm way up into a lot of curation nowadays, so miss a lot of posts from people that I like to read.. I do really appreciate your good posts! Good luck on your new investment though ♡

I hope this is the knockout vodka talkin'.

Nope, it is me "walkin"

Dammit! For what it's worth, I enjoyed your daily scribblings. Always interesting. All the best.

This is hilarious :))

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