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Comedy Open Mic - Round 41 amd 42 - Winners' post

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Round 42:

Top 15 bums: - 3 Steem each, for being behind.

  1. @belemo: Ox Blooded: Comedyopenmic 42
  2. @spunkpuppet: Comedy Open Mic Round 42 (Entry #2) : OVER THE SILVER SKY TO THE WORLD OF NEVER : Part 92 - I've Spotted A Downward Trend.
  3. @doomsdaychassis: Happy 1 year aniversary @belemo and dating advice. COM #42
  4. @ddaily: Comedy Improv at SteemFest³
  5. @lucylin: The Berlin Bunker Steemit rave...part 1...who's after the keys...? ..and comedyopenmic #42 (if I can wangle it)
  6. @doctorcrypto: Holiday Steem Cooking Show: Comedy Open Mic #42
  7. @emsonic: If my life was a sitcom | Comedy Open Mic Round #42
  8. @disguarpe: Comedy Open Mic. Round # 42
  9. @quillfire: "Free Quilly" Petition ... Entry in the 'Concoct-A-Verb Contest' & 'ComedyOpenMic #42'
  10. @sisygoboom: The Cockblock - ComedyOpenMic Round 42
  11. @lucylin: A warning to everyone over the Christmas period...Partying and Flatulence....comedyopenmic #42 ish.
  12. @filotasriza3: Conversations With Real Professors (Comedy Open Mic 42)
  13. @dandays: So You Thought You Were Cool Huh? Comedy Open Mic - Round 42
  14. @mineopoly: Keep Posting Shit Challenge Day 2 - It Just doesn't matter (COM 42
  15. @brandt: Self-Portrait No. 5 — MY PROCESS. — Not that it matters, — but HERE IS MY PROCESS. — I don't care if you wanted to know about it or not. — THIS IS MY PROCESS. AND SO NOW BEHOLD. — Comedy Open Mic Round 42

Duplicate winners in Top 15

Lucky Floor Prize: 2 Steem, for letting us walk all over you

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Ya’all are the best! See you again soon. Ps, I read the intro.


Well thank you. Always a humbling experience to be a useful doormat. ;D

· does give you a reassuring sense of 'knowing your place', doesn't it? lol