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Round 40 Winners:

Top 15:

  1. @brandt: I Drank Five Beers and Fell Off a Rock in the Roosevelt National Forest — Comedy Open Mic #40
  2. @dandays: I Went Back And Fixed Their Fence! Comedy Open Mic - Round 40
  3. @acolucky: From the Grave: The Best of @acolucky: Volume 3: The Ho! Ho! Ho! Edition: Comedy Open Mic #40
  4. @dirtydave: Problem solved!
  5. @idikuci: COM 40 - talk real shit please people
  6. @dollarsandsense: S-B-D Poem Recitation - Comedy Open Mic Round # 40
  7. @por500bolos: ¿Populism? ¿Marketing & Propaganda as usual? or just Mere Distraction? | COM Round 40.
  8. @lucylin: A Daily Patriot Special !!!!.... comedyopenmic#40 , part 2. (or does this count as 1? )
  9. @emsonic: Just One Beer | Comedy Open Mic #40
  10. @belemo: Weird Poop: Comedyopenmic 40
  11. @scottshots: More Snow! More Snow Removal... Comedy Open Mic Round #40
  12. @improv: Inbox -5minutefreewrite Comedy Open Mic Round 40
  13. @mineopoly: Sticking it to The Man (COM 40)
  14. @quillfire: "S-B-D" >>> Poem Recitation Contest: 25 SBD (Minimum) ... ComedyOpenMic #40
  15. @spunkpuppet: Comedy Open Mic Round 40 (Entry #2) : OVER THE SILVER SKY TO THE WORLD OF NEVER : Part 82 - I Have Little Use For Knees Or Their Caps.

Specials and doubles:

  1. @belemo: I'm Upset, Angry Rant: Comedyopenmic 40
  2. @idikuci: COM - 40 - I'm sorry to be such a pain in your ass...

Lucky Door Prize:

As per usual your check is in the mail

Love all you crazy cooks. Great work!!

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I keep winning things with this format, so I approve...

If I can win more by any kind of bribery or corruption, I will also approve that.

When you say 'winners', do we get a prize or something? lol....(just sayin')