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Hi buttcoins,

Thank your post in the #comedyopenmic tag.
Please note that this isn't a generic tag but rather it's a tag for our contest
If you'd like to participate you can click here to read the contest rules.

I would like to draw your attention to the rule asking contestants to include "Comedy Open Mic Round #" in the title.
We are currently on round 30

Please update your title and we will pass your entry along to the judges for judgement*.

*Judges that pass judgement only judge as far as judgement is concerned.


They think they own a tag, LOL!!

This is a pretty good depiction of how it sometimes is; which is really funny. Best of luck in the contest.


yes.. this jumped from the surreal side of my brain

Another great video, @buttcoins. I love the ending, haha.


very kind. ya... believe it or not that end line literally came at last second at last light... i was going to end with a drip, dripping down the beer bottle. but then it dawned on me that the waiters reaction would be funnier. so i ran and grabbed the waiter. so lucky sometimes. thanks for watching!

Aw man, I'm too far behind on Steemit.

Five more months.