Comedy Open Mic Round # 20 ( Unusual things happening in this World Cup)

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Funny and tragic Fifa World Cup 2018,

Group stage has been finished with lot's of drama,new records, some tragedy and etc. In this fifa world cup most shocking and unbelievable things happen like defending champion Germany team has been disqualified from this tournament after loosing their game against south korea.
It was so shocking news for all the german supporters and also for the football lovers. Because as we know German team is so strong and their coach joe kim low is a very good and brilliant coach.
2016-1448068__480 (1).jpg

We can say that this world cup is the best world cup in the history might be. On the other hand, last year finalist Argentina faced lot's of trouble to qualify in the round 16. Even they faced so trouble before the world cup for qualify in this tournament. Is this a funny or tragic world cup only god knows.
But in this world cup , we can say that if you play well anything can be happen and that has been usually happening this tournament as well.

So group stage is completed. Now this is time for the knock out stage of round 16!
I hope here will be happen lot's of drama and good things.

Round 16 Prediction!

Round 16 will be started with a good game against Argentina vs France. So I have been decided to predict this round of 16 results,so my prediction is given below.

1 -FrancevsArgentina- 2
1 -UruguayvsPortugal- 3
3 -SpainvsRussia- 1
2 -CroatiavsDenmark- 2
2 -BrazilvsMexico- 1
3 -BelgiumvsJapan- 1
1 -SwedenvsSwitzerland- 1
2 -ColombiavsEngland- 2

So guys if you want to predict, then copy the given below structure and paste it to the comment box.Let me know about your prediction.


Take this just for fun only

Thanks for read this blog

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Yo. Please check this error -

contest round #19


Thanks for the predictions, I lost all my money after depending on these.
Cheerios gonna go kill myself now

I'm really shocked about this world cup...
In this world ,prediction is very tough to do

Yeah but did you correct the error though?

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This world Cup is fixed and this joke looks familiar.

What am i missing here? This looks more like a soccer prediction post than a comedy post. I don't follow soccer though. Any help would be great.

The predictions are the joke (?)

The joke is they are all losers. And I made a post like this 3 weeks ago.

oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh. That is not good.

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