Liberating The Office Workers & Watching Classic Comedy Genius - Tony Hancock's 'The Rebel' - Full Movie

in comedy •  6 months ago

Tony Hancock was a huge star in the 1960s, a British comic who made many radio and TV shows (Hancock's half hour, being the best known one). I just had an inspiration to watch his movie 'The Rebel' ('Call Me Genius' in the US) and had many flashbacks to being a child watching it!

The theme to 'The Rebel' is that Tony works in a dreary office job in London and struggles with the passion he feels inside to be an artist. He relocates to Paris and through a combination of dumb luck, exaggeration and cynical exploitation of eccentric artistic circles, he becomes a famous artist - despite having no artistic skill whatsoever.

I can see when watching this now that to some extent this might have been an unspoken autobiography from his heart. He was a depressive and committed suicide in 1968 - as with many 'funny' people, he used laughter as a cover to hide his real feelings, which is one of many such patterns I have dissected and healed from in myself over the last few years.

This movie also reminds me of a great music video that I found not long ago that is the only one I've ever seen that really reflects how I feel about earlier years in my life, growing up outside of London, commuting in to work there and finally throwing it away due to a need to be real! Check out 'Pandora' if you haven't already:

Full Movie

Thankfully you can watch the full version on Youtube here:

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