There Is No Hive! (A Message from good ol' al Sahaf)

in #comedy4 years ago (edited)

Steemit is Forever!

There is no Hive within 100 miles. We have surrounded their tanks. We are crushing them very far away. They have no coin powers. Their blockchains are useless and weak.


Also the Coronavirus is made up by Hive and will not prosper, God willing. Everything is fine and safe - There is no infection anywhere in Steemit.


There is not a single person saying goodbye to Steemit Inc. Tomorrow. It will remain the world's most powerful entity, and will always be #1 in Market cap. Do not trust the Liars.


We will crush them with overwhelming votes with our powerful army of Steemit loyalists. In fact, they are already crushed. You would see them under smooshed my shoes but you can't because they are nowhere.

We will push those hackers, those mercenaries back into the swamp.


Hive has thrown their programmers on the fire. There is no presence of Hive supporters in the city of Steem.



I LaIKe wen yoo speek in my ear. Do you like me or just want to fuck me?

Hah, that is pretty funny. Great mix of a couple rich worthless pieces of crap.

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