Dave Chappelle: Deep in the Heart of Texas (netflix special)

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This is part 2 of a long-awaited return of Dave after 10 years of no stand up shows. After he quit / got fired from Chappelle Show and reportedly walked away from an $80 million payout, he disappeared from the public eye. He was quite successful at it too, he still hasn't talked very openly about where he went but the press couldn't find him. I applaud him for that. Anyway, after 10 years he did 2 shows back-to-back, one in L.A. and one in Austin Texas to (obviously) sold-out crowds. This is about the 2nd one which took place in Austin.

The 2-part special doesn't really have a name but if you pull up "Dave Chappelle" on Netflix only 3 results come up, this 2-part special either doesn't have a title or says something about "award winning." It doesn't really matter because unless you don't like laughing you should just go ahead and watch all the Dave stand-up because all of them are easily some of the best stand up of all time.


As is the usual Dave uses zero props or visual aides and relies only on a microphone and his comic genius. At one point in the show he goes off script (or so it seems) and improvs with some audience members and really shows his chops at not just being funny from a script, but being able to be funny "on the fly." I am sure this isn't a real surprise because he is clearly a extremely clever guy all around.

One of the most profoundly unapologetic smokers in showbiz, Dave actually asks the audience for a cigarette halfway through the set and even though he is super famous and is the star of the show, i was surprised that is not against the law. Probably because the show took place in Texas. If he had done that stunt in Portland, someone would have sued him or at least started a protest of some sort.

Overall i think this special is just fantastic, but not quite as good as the one that took place in L.A. in this 2part series. That is not by any means meant to suggest that this should be skipped. It is still amazing. Watch it as soon as you can and then tell your friends.


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I and my husband love watching Dave Chappelle.
He sure is a very talented standup comedian and he is not trying to be funny, he just is super funny and that is what makes him so great at what he does.

Dave Chappelle is an amazing and talented stand-up comedian and he is also naturally a funny guy. He does his shows with ease and he is so creative with his jokes that everything he says just blend well into a more hilarious scene

Dave Chapelle, has long been known as a senior comedian, I really like it sometimes it's very entertaining for me and my family while watching

I never watched it before, now will surely watch it.

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Awesome. Much better than these boring Marvel series, like you explained in another post. Most series in general.
How is your progress on Seinfeld, comedians in cars?


thanks for the reminder, i stopped watching it as it is easy to get sucked into another series pretty easy on Netflix. I should return to it today. Thanks for the reminder :)