Stand uP Comedy About Our Times, Truth Never Stops Being Relevant, Align With Truth and Let The World Come To You...

in comedy •  last year

This is a show from a decade ago which shows me how far we have come, and how much things have not changed.

I nearly got booed off the stage by two thousand people at the 01:50s mark. Thankfully the lowest common denominator joke won them back -thanks Bill : )

I was reflecting on the fifteen years or so I have avoided paying tax, I feel so great every day I extend my free life not complying with governments. Not killing kids and adults and destroying infrastructure in far flung lands or at home.
This shows how long ago the masses were hungry for someone speaking truth about the ridiculousness of the "war" on "terror".. . .
You can see here, exactly why my TV "career" was stifled ; )
Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy

*There was a deaf sign language interpreter just off screen who did a great oral sex charades

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Hey Elissa. Very clever well written stand-up. Enjoyed it very much. I just got to the US about a week ago. All I blown away with culture shock. How much the country has changed in a quick three years. I just posted part one of a 6 post series on my culture show. Like your stand-up I'm sure it will offend someone, but like you I call it like I see it. And things are intense! here in the US. I'd love to get your opinion of my posts if you have time. Sorry I missed you when I was in Mexico. Hope you are well.



Hey Dan I was just thinking about missing you too... no problem, life takes us where it does... it will happen someday as you're so entertaining I'd love to meet you... i will check out your posts too as the cuture shock for me, when I go back to Australia, and a nectarine is $4 and a bag of grass is $300... is just too much, taxi from the airport $100... hell on earth... but Im sure you inspire a LOT of people to "get off the plantation" so kudos to you : )


I love our little back and forth dialogues that we've had. I enjoyed Playa del Carmen so much I plan on going back. Maybe we can meet up then. So I got all 6 parts of my culture shock series out by 3 am last night. Like out and off my chest. So far the response has been super positive and interesting. What a trip it is to be back here. It's like an artificial manufacture society and culture. Nothing organic about it. I'll be in touch! -Dan


yes we shall all going to plan ... I'm off to check out your stuff x

Awesome thanks for sharing. Big things are coming and this world will change!


Thanks! I love and share your optimism @bryandivisions

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Such a great video thanks for sharing, puts perspective on things.

Thank you for sharing! We need more of these kind if posts. Things are about to change for the better for the first time in history for the majority of us! Cheers!

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"There was a deaf sign language interpreter just off screen who did a great oral sex charades"
Every stand-up comedian should have one. The comic potential of sign language should not be underestimated (eg Four Weddings).


thanks for watching : )