My Fave Youtube Host - The BRAVE-HEART of Natural Science, and me trying to drag his content and audience onto Steemit

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Hello Beauties : )
This is my favourite current youtube host... Del, from 'Beyond the Imaginary Curve' channel.

Thats Del on the left, as he blows the mind of the poor dude on the right during one of his excellent street interviews.

Del's hilarious, rough as a post, and cynical as a mf, but you know what they say... "scratch a cynic, underneath, you'll find a romantic..."
And he's Scottish as if he wasn't loveable enough. (Settle girls, he is happily married to a goddess who not only puts up with his madness, she brings him tea.)

Del hosts the most honest, relatively uninfiltrated talk show on the current reappraisal of science.

That's THEOretical science, from THEOries, (like THEOcracy, that's... religion ... gulp... ; like the theory of gravity.... the theory of evolution, the the big-bang THEOry)- versus natural science -what we can test that is observable, repeatable, measurable with our natural senses.

He sticks to the point... okay, ok sometimes he drills like a furious teenager...and, he takes no prisoners. Nor do his very astute moderators in the chat. They are a great team and swiftly deal with the spooks and useful idiots to preserve the gene pool of the magical average person.

Sometimes Del has a little play with the tools, he's more venus fly trap than cat with a mouse... he allows them to first hang themselves with their own dishonest acting, or shilly egos, then he will slowly close in on them with instant irrefutable logic and natural science. It is so fun to watch them doing their best to pull one over on him- he can usually swiftly tell, even when he doesn't instantly reveal all his cards.
He is a genuine cigar in a swirling shitpit of co-intel sponsored suckers, gatekeepers, trolls and traitors

I would LOVE to see some of the Big Name Troofers who are restricted by ego -(or the fear of threatened external controls)-, Graham Hancock, Nassim Haramein, Ken O'Keefe, Abby Martin, Joe Rogan, @MaxIgan @LarkenRose, David Icke etc etc etc forced to stop dancing around the subject by Dels direct but simple and polite socratic questioning style. i would be good if those with so many following would tune in

His flat earth street interviews are killer!!
I would post a link to them but he may want to post them himself in future.
If you're desperate you can google "Flat Earth - Taking to the streets of Edinburgh"

I realise no one else probably has three and a half hours for this- it really is full of a lot of in jokes between people getting to know each other regularly commenting and chatting and calling in, but I plugged the shiz out of steemit when I called in this week because Del works a lot of hours, for free, making and contributing to this show, and I wish he would start earning some crypto for it.
I also love to see all the new science reappraisers now flooding steemit. Its a great time to be alive and curious.

My call in starts at 43:50 mark, but I warn you, you might just get addicted.

After I go, Marshall, the treasured techcat says he's had a look at steemit and he doesn't feel people will have the time for it as there are bigger priorities etc. And Del, the cranky communist, is kind of put off by the idea that everything is arbitrary and it's not a fair system if everybody doesn't reap the same rewards.

I say, you've already spent half a days energy making the show, posting a link of the show to a whole new appreciative audience only takes ten seconds, and it will continue to grow a money fund for you (or whoever: ), as opposed to every other social media site or youtube, which pays sfa.

And you've got to be in it to win it, man... they say that about lotteries but usually I consider lotteries "tax for the dumb" as my wonderful Grandma Vera used to say.
You have to pay to enter most lotteries and steemit is free and actually pays out something to almost 100% of the users!

Sometimes people get votes out of pity, sometimes for valiant effort, for talent, for ambitiousness, but everyone gets something and peoples blogs become like digital book that can't be censored. Whether or not any money is made I like it for that alone. Often someone in the community needs help for medical or emergency expenses and everybody resteems and uPvotes and sometimes thousands of dollars worth of steem crypto currency is redirected to whoever we collectively feel needs it, within hours.
Being helpful makes you better looking

It's all a mystery, sometimes I get carried away and spend days writing a post, sometimes I post something quick and theres no reason for what wins or what tanks... its a lovely thing to observe.. Just see how the steemit audience takes you.

Real people get rewarded on steemit.
And anyone can post about anyTHING.
Real recognises real -so for the first time, maybe in our lives (!) we are connecting somewhere publicly NOT owned and controlled and shaped by the self appointed delusional illegitimate elitists!
So far, soooooo good

Steemit rocks and if this posts makes good I will donate it to Del for all his hard work and sparkling personality. I would like him to see it's real and there are heaps of real good people here. He will probably get mad because he thought I abused his "platform to promote something" but I hope he gets on here and realises why tf Im so into it
STEEM.. it

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Hello I actually heard you mention steemit on beyond the imaginary curve w Del, I love Del for what he is doing he is a greaat guy and I wanted to thank you for mentioning steemit. I just joined and am excited and everyone has been very welcoming. I am a truther and i know the earth is not a spinning ball and water can not curve and the moment i admitted that to myself and others openly I felt Pure and true. so pleased to meet you and thank you again my name is Mick and my call sign is @airmobile Peace and Love Elissa