Top 5 Funniest Youtube Pranksters (with videos)

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My absolute favorite genre on Youtube is Pranks.

Gone are the days of having to watch tv or movies to get a good laugh. Now I am able to simply pull up my YouTube feed and always have at least one new hilarious video to watch, best of all they are all in real life. This post is meant to share with others what I have found to be some of the most comedic of channels on YouTube. Some are more established than others, you can tell the difference between somebody who has been making videos for years, and someone who just started this year. Each have their own pros and cons. I have noticed the newer ones have more hunger, yet the veterans have more quality production.

Hopefully this will reach one of these guys and they will get on Steemit and start broadening the community a bit more. I don't really know of many people doing pranks on DTube. This genre wide open for domination by some of these channels below. I find that it is a lot easier to make some decent money on Steemit than it is on YouTube. Especially if you are new and can't seem to get your great content out there.


I will list my favorite channels in order. With #1 being my favorite. I will also link two of their videos so that you do not have to go through all of their content just to find something awesome. However I have a feeling after you see just one of their videos you will want to watch many more.


My top 5 YouTube Pranksters are :

1. Cassady Campbell

I discovered Cassady Campbell a few months ago. He is quickly on the rise, putting out multiple videos a week. I always end up laughing out loud. He has several different characters he brings out into the public. A wankster, spoiled rich kid, redneck, emo, fake ceo, crazy step-dad, and his original gym douche. More new characters to come I am sure too. Cassady is totally worth checking out, I think once he gets himself a consistent videographer and more free time, this will be the funniest guy on YouTube. He already is in my opinion.

(above) Crazy Step-Dad Yells at Strangers - Cassady Campbell

(above) Spoiled Rich Kid Buying Cars - Cassady Campbell


2. Nelk

With Nelk you are getting two hilarious Canadian boys, Kyle and Jesse. They are fearless when it comes to trying something just to get a laugh. They mix their pranks in with vlogs, which can get tedious at times. You may spot their camera man 905 Shooter as well. They are always doing something comical so the vlogging doesn't ruin their videos. Nelk does many types of pranks, fake employee, funny stuff in lectures, and much more. If you aren't Canadian, much like me, you will learn all kinds of new Canadian slang.

(above) Working Out in Wal-Mart - Nelk

(above) Fake Buffalo Wild Wings Employee Prank - Nelk


3. Ownage Pranks

Ownage Pranks has by far the best prank calls ever. Sometimes the pranks last several weeks, even months.
Luckily it is all condensed nicely in to shorter videos. He never shows his face, which is totally fine. If he did, it may ruin his amazing character voices, plus he is just awful to some people. You will be amazed that one person can have such different voices, he really is a talented voice actor.

(above) Mexican Scammer Destroys Restaurant - Ownage Pranks

(above) Haggling with a Prostitute - Ownage Pranks


4. VitalyzdTV

Vitaly is Russian but lives in the United States. He was the first prankster that I really found about 3 years ago. He was killing it for a few years, coming out with tons of golden content. He used to be by far my favorite. However he disappeared for awhile, thankfully he has made resurgence. He is now mixing his pranks in with vlogging most of the time, but they are still worth watching.

(above) Gym Prank Gone EXTREMELY Wrong - VitalyzdTV

(above) Chainsaw Massacre Prank - VitalyzdTV


5. Steven Schapiro

I just found out about Steven Schapiro about a month ago, lucky for me. He has a signature mustache that you just cannot forget, plus he is a super funny guy. He is still fairly up and coming, however I see great potential with this guy.
I really hope he stays committed to making great videos for the community.

(above) Barking at Strangers - Steven Schapiro

(above) Ordering Food Too Loud - Steven Schapiro


That finishes off my top 5 YouTube Praksters list. I hope you will decide to support these content creators by watching more of their videos. Remember to subscribe to their channels, like their videos, and spam them with comments about joining Steemit. Eventually they will all be on here I am sure. The sooner the better, for both us and them.



Best Regards,











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thank you very much for sharing with us .

I appreciate you sharing this funny videos because you have helped me open my mind further! I am amazed how closed minded my mind still is after all the other amazing experiences I have had, my thoughts easily suggest experiences different than mine are not possible!

You are welcome @showboybeezy.
I hope you enjoy these new videos and get a few laughs.

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