As Life Competes For My Time Steemit Has Taken The Back Seat :-( Time To Combine Life And Steemit With My Remodeling Blogs!!!

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Life Has Been Busy..... Does Steemit Require Too Much Attention For The Average Busy Worker??

Recently I took on a new job. I have always taken pride in my abilities as a carpenter. I have always seen it as a job that someone has to do. People need homes to live in, places to shop and offices to work in. My newest job has been working on peoples homes who are mostly updating the houses that they live in or are going to be living in. Time takes a toll on the buildings we live in and work at day by day. I take pride in making these areas functional and beautiful. It also pays the bills.

Why Does This Concern The Steemit Platform??

Steemit has been a place I have been calling home for almost a year now. As in any place that I spend time and get to be a part of I like to see it stay functional and beautiful. Most of my experience with steemit has been in longer written posts that take a decent amount of drafting to make them appealing. As of right now I don't have much time to stay plugged into the site. So I decided to keep contributing in the ways I know best. I have been getting on and browsing my feed to not let my voting power go to waste seeings though I have carefully selected those that I follow for their grade A content. As for my own content my thoughts have floated around a few ideas.

Combine What I Love With My Love For Steemit.

A combination picture and video log of the work that I do. Usually I go to work tear apart some disaster and bring it back to life in a representation of pure beauty and functionality. My upcoming posts are going to show you just that.

Rotting Wall Fix For My Old Job


The siding looked a little funny so when I pulled it off this is what was underneath. A completely rotted wall with no support left.


Now normally I would have been able to fix this to a higher standard but many factors came into play.

  • The lady who owned the home was just trying to fix and flip
  • The guy paying me wouldn't pay for any new materials.
  • My name wasn't going on any inspection.

(I don't work there anymore, I've since moved on to a higher quality company.)


So with a few scrap 2x4s I was able to at least support the wall and flat roof above this back room addition.


Plus you wouldn't believe how strong some osb can make shit.


Back of the house better re-use some old siding!!!


Well I felt I did alright for what they really wanted. Honestly they just wanted to be able to hold some siding down on that wall long enough for the new owners of the homes check to clear.

Look For Some Of My Upcoming Work. It Will Be Of A Respectful Quality.

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