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When your life is in danger or your loved one's life is in danger, all you want is to defend yourself and protect your loved one. Sometimes there is no alternative to fighting back to defend yourself. If someone intends to rob you, he is going to rob you, no matter what you say or how nice you are. They just don't care. The robber is going to hit you and take your money.

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Sometimes you are being attacked, and you do not get a chance to talk. Sometimes the attacker talks to you and starts attacking you. When the attacker throws a punch and you get hit, and thinking he is not going to attack you more, that's not going to happen. He will keep attacking you and take your money.

Sometimes you give him your money and everything that he wants. Still, the attacker is going to attack you. You are nice, but the attacker is not. So what would you do to defend yourself and stop the attacker from robbing you?

You can watch this video. This is not my video, and all video credit goes to Fight SCIENCE. You see that the attacker walks to him and starts talking. Out of nowhere, the robber throws a punch. The guy gets hit, steps back and stands against the car. The guy grabs the robber's arms and tries to defend himself. Again the robber attacks him, and he keeps attacking him. Finally, rob him.

When someone talks to you and you do not feel comfortable, what you can do is to make the distance and do not get in a punching range. If you are not in a punching range, the attacker cannot hit you with punches. To hit you, he has to come forward to punch. And you can see his move, so there is a high chance you can defend yourself.

One thing you can do is, put your hands up. It is not like keeping your hands up like a fighting stance. Keep your hands somewhere around your chest. Then it would be easier for you to defend the punch.

In case you cannot defend the robber's first strike and get hit, what can you do then?

The guy attacks you, which means you are not in a situation you have to make your move to defend yourself. The guy punches you and is going to attack you more. Now you have to fight back. Do not put yourself in a position where you get stuck.

As you see in the video, after getting hit by the robber, the guy stands against the car. He is already in a vulnerable position. From there, he cannot move back. Instead, he can attack the attacker and throw him against the car. He can move to the side and take control of the situation.

When you are being attacked, you have to defend yourself, and fighting back is the defense based on the situation. Thank you so much for reading this post. So what would you do in that situation? Please feel free to comment below.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!

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