A Few Incredible Graffiti... and A Couple of Average Ones (Maia, Portugal)

Yes, I still have a few shots taken at the Graffiti artwork found near Forum da Maia (Maia's Forum). This is the penultimate set of photos I took in this location. Only one more to go after this...

Here are the other parts:

Part 1 - Excellent Graffiti Artworks in Maia (Portugal)
Part 2 - A Lovely Graffiti Mural in Maia (Portugal)
Part 4 - Fourth and Final Set of Graffiti Found at Forum da Maia (Portugal)

This one is my favourite work from this set:


Here's where I've found it:

Can you spot a few graffiti in the background, by the trees? Check them in the first part of this series.

The next few works are really good, in my humble opinion.

I loved this concept, a Graffiti of a Street Artist doing some Graffiti:


Again, the same concept, with a twist. The Artist is represented as an animal:


These are a bit more confusing, I enjoy a few details on them, but the tags are not something I enjoy.

In this work, I like the face... The rest? Not so much.


I think the green monkey holding the letters in this one is kind of cute:


This spider is pretty cool, but the letters below are not that great...


There is is nothing special about this one... but since it was part of the same set, I've decided to share it anyway:


The next ones are cute and creative... but some kids ruined them, by scribbling over them.


Hey kids, if you don't know how to draw, please practice inside your own house, first. OK?


Here's another cute work butchered by an untalented wannabe:




And to finish off this part, the last work found at this place.


Small, simple but cute. It makes me remind an old game from the 80's: Pac-Man.

CameraCanon IXUS 210
LocationMaia, Porto - Portugal

This is my entry for the #colourfulphotography category in the photography contest by @juliank

@trincowski signing out.

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I thought you were a student.

It seems to me that everywhere you go, there are always graffiti. Can you do graffiti yourself?


No, I'm afraid I can't even draw my signature right. (Damn you, smartphones.) 😂

Such a great place for graffiti! Love the underground atmosphere of it! Graffiti are colourful and harsh, beautiful, Ricardo!


Thanks for passing by, Isabel! 😃


You're welcome, my friend Ricardo <3!

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Интересные рисунки. Несколько устрашающие , правда )

Interesting drawings. A few intimidating ones have met, among them .
Thank you for the good photos, @trincowski .


Спасибо большое, Светлана! 😃

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