Colourful Photography Challenge - Grocery Haul

in colourfulphotography •  20 days ago

Hi Steem friends,

For my entry into today's colourfulphotography challenge, I'm sharing a photo that I took a couple of days ago after getting my weekly groceries. Normally my groceries aren't quite this exciting or picturesque, but I had a few recipes in mind, so I had to get myself stocked up for the week ahead! My selection of groceries also has the added benefit of being very colourful.

In red, we have a handful of tomatoes, some apples, and a red pepper. In green is some fresh parsley, a head of iceberg lettuce, a bunch of grapes, and a container of melon. In orange, we have a container of cantaloupe and a couple of Spanish onions. In white, there are a half-dozen eggs and a head of garlic. In blue, there are a package of blueberries. And in purple we have an avocado and a second bunch of grapes.

Am I forgetting anything?

I'll be sure to share my photos of the various meals I make with them if they end up turning out okay!


This photo was taken using the Canon EOS Rebel T7i + 18-55mm lens (ƒ/5, 1/40, ISO100)

For contest details, please check out this post by @juliank!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my post!

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