More Colorful, Ephemeral Art, Brightening up this Space for a Few Days … Chiang Mai – Colourful Photography

This unique art installation was part of the opening festivities of a new mall in town. 

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Space for art

Just inside the main entrance of Chiang Mai’s new One Nimman mall, there’s a large, visitor-friendly courtyard. However, when the mall first opened, this large art installation took up most of that open space. 

Space for commerce and profit

Along with another art installation (which I covered in a previous post [other art installation] ), this display was soon removed, opening up the courtyard space for what it was originally intended … a space for people. 

Or, more accurately and more honestly, a space for tourists and shoppers willing to spend money at the various retail outlets in the mall. Sigh ...  
Location – Chiang Mai, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s Colourful Photography contest.
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nice post bro.and picture is awesome.

where is the entrance????
actually it looks like some dance bar entrance.
nice photography

The art is looking cool.Mall authorites removed it to make space.are other malls do present these type of art there? @majes.tytyty

How is loking like there

I will say many great posts. I saw a lot of great posts.

Nice colour full photography, great photo gallery

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I surely will want to go this place thankx for updating with new places

This is a colourful display of art and your such a lucky guy sir @majes.tytyty for having a nice shot, before this will be removed.

Wao wonderful art,very amazing setting of these peices,very interesting entrance of this great mall,very amazing photography,you are so enjoying your traval,thanks for sharing this great post,

An excellent marketing move. I'm sure this kind of "advertising" attracted a lot of attention.

Отличный маркетинговый ход. Уверен, такая «реклама» привлекла много внимания.

Congratulation@majes.tytyty Very niceMore Colorful, Ephemeral Art, Brightening up this Space for a Few Days … Chiang Mai – Colourful Photographybutterflies-3524415__340.jpg