Color Challenge Monday Red Eureka Springs Adventure

in colorchallenge •  7 months ago

When life gets hectic I like to take nature walks when I can. Recently we went to Eureka Springs Park which is one of my favorite parks in the Tampa Bay area.

This time of year the park greets you with brilliant red blooms everywhere.
Eureka Springs 04.13.18-9011.jpg

The purple water lilies have begun to peek out of the ponds and streams.
Eureka Springs 04.13.18-9155.jpg

Beautiful scents of Lavendar (Mona)
Eureka Springs 04.13.18-9028.jpg

and Gardenia (Vietnamese) fill the air
Eureka Springs 04.13.18-9041.jpg

and don't forget to stop and smell
Eureka Springs 04.13.18-9126.jpg
the roses!

We'll need to go and visit again when more of the orchids are in bloom...
Eureka Springs 04.13.18-9099.jpg

Have you been to any fantabulous gardens or parks lately? Please comment below. This Sassy Gal Adventurer is always looking for great recommendations!

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There were a few things to see even though a lot of the flowers had not yet begun to bloom.

the reflection on that water lilly is gorgeous!


My fellow Steemian/photographer/honey and I like to go exploring together and will point things out to each other.