Colourchallenge Friday Blue Sea Life Mural

in colorchallenge •  8 months ago

This amazing sea life mural on the water tower on Point Cartwright, Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia shows how a public utilities can utilise their public infrastructure for community artwork, see this and other projects by Unity water here



Photos by @stephen-somers iPhone 6s

Thanks @bearone for the teamaustralia banner

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!steemitworldmap -26.6797 lat 153.1385 long Point Cartwright Water Tower Sea life Mural D3SCR

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That is some really good graffiti art. We have a ton of good stuff all over las vegas. I may set out on a photography voyage on your inspiration :)


That would be cool to see. I love this big art movement.

Check out the time lapse of the painting of the mural.

Beautiful shot 😊

I live near there! Cheers nice photos.


Great to see another sunny coaster on Steemit. Planning a Steemup on Saturday 4th November to coincide with STEEMfest2, I will be making another update post tonight.
Go #teamaustralia.


Cheers, I will follow



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That looks really cool, I wonder how long it took to paint!


Just a couple weeks if I remember right.

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